• 1.1 Credit card totals match daily receipts via Redfish <br>receipts - receipt summary, check daily amounts via Journal entries and physical records held

  • 1.2 Credit card totals match 'z' reads/EOD totals on the PDQ<br>Checking slips run concurrently and that the daily totals from the PDQ machine match the journal entries of each day

  • 1.3 Cash totals match - input from Redfish & receipt book match, ensuring numbering & dates correspond <br>The copies from the receipt book match entries on Redfish, receipt book has no 'numbered' pages missing

  • 1.4 Cheque totals match. Input from Redfish & receipt book match, ensuring numbering & dates match.<br>The copies from the receipt book match entries on Redfish, receipt book has no 'numbered' pages missing

  • 1.5 Cash & Cheques security - must be in a locked metal box which is secured to the base of a lockable draw or cabinet. If safe is in use, no access can be gained by anyone other than the nursery management.

  • 1.6 Paying in books provided by the Support Office - one book at a time in use, multiple paying in books must not be in use.

  • 1.7 Paying in books - all paying in slips must remain in the book, void slips - line put through the slip with the wording 'VOID'

  • 1.8 Cheque details are on the paying in slips - The account holder name, cheque amount, total cheques banked, addition correct. Details to be written on the reverse side of the paying in slip ( both copies)

  • 1.9 Receipts posted onto Redfish accurately - dates match receipt book, and reflect the day it is received.

  • 1.10 Free entitlement funding - there is a record of all children over 3yrs, copy on site of documentation sent to local authority/Pobal (NCIP - Ireland) COSLA (Scottish local authority). This should match with Redfish reports-financial-funded children (less hours allocated elsewhere)

  • 1.11 Funding details correct via Redfish - booking pattern (funded hours correct).

  • 1.12 Un-invoiced report is accurate - only items due to be invoiced in the following month should appear on the report, this report is available through Redfish.

  • 1.13 Credit control procedures applied letters posted/ handed to parents in a timely manner - all letters & reminders completed in line with the quarterly time table

  • 1.14 Barclaycard(s) - all receipts maintained on site in one place for the current month for review by audit.

  • 1.15 Nursery has no outstanding debt after month 1 on the aged debt report.


  • 2.1 Children's identification - all documentation completed - enquiry on Red Fish, registration form, T&C's. Copy of child's birth certificate & proof of parents identification & address.

  • 2.2 Match the day register to the booking pattern on REDFISH incl BUCA. - BUCA paperwork required cross check with tracker form.

  • 2.3 Fee rates linked to children are correct - all published rates to be charged

  • 2.4 Leaving dates of children are correct, and are supported by written notice where applicable.


  • 3.1 Delivery notes - all delivery notes must be signed clearly by the team member who accepted the goods in to the premises

  • 3.2 Invoices - all invoices must be rubber stamped (accounts payable can supply) & all info completed. These should be sent via PDF at least twice per week.

  • 3.3 Suppliers - only approved suppliers to be used<br>Lyreco, Smudge & Dribble, Toshiba, FMS, Wesco, Community Playthings, Tuska, Ministeps, TTS, GLS.<br>All suppliers are subject to review by Procurement. <br>


  • 4.1 Signed application form - declarations of suitability to work with children, criminal records disclosures, and signed declaration via DBS(England/Wales) CRC (Ireland) or Disclosure Scotland.<br>

  • 4.2 Name, address & telephone on the application form

  • 4.3 Verification of references - at least the last employer and all childcare related work has been referenced using safe guarding reference request. Anything handwritten must be signed & dated.

  • 4.4 Education & Experience verification - qualifications are full & relevant on regulatory website

  • 4.5 Criminal Statement Disclosure - No nursery staff can start without confirmed DBS (England/Wales) CRC (Ireland) or PVG (Scotland)

  • 4.6 Appointment date - must be clearly entered on Employee Express

  • 4.7 Right to Work in the UK - if passport has expired so has the visa, ensure copies are clear and that the site has photocopied the photo page& front cover of the passport. Birth certificates need to include parent names.

  • 4.8 Country of Origin of Passport - ensure details are written on the form of where the passport was issued from.

  • 4.9 Health Declaration Form & Contact - must be fully completed, with Doctors details.


  • 5.1 Keypad entry system installed & working - entry could not be gained either without a staff member releasing the door or parent having necessary approval for access ( swipe system or key pad entry).

  • 5.2 Keypad numbers changed since last key holder left - check log & dates

  • 5.3 Alarm system working - is it a remote alarm site? If so, check with provider.

  • 5.4 Alarm codes/fobs changed since last key holder left or every 3 months - Master code to be entered, auditor to check through the panel. List of names against the fobs recorded (Alarm fob record sheet). Codes should be changed 3 monthly and recorded (Alarm code sheet).<br>This is site dependant on the type of system in place at each nursery.

  • 5.5 Key holders list up to date - a master sheet of all keys for the premises must be logged and changed as required.

  • 5.6 CCTV working - check current tape/digital recording that all times and dates are correct. All cameras in focus & pointing in the correct direction

  • 5.7 Time & date on multiplex/recorder correct - check on screen or on playback


  • 6.1 Employee records - must be in a locked metal cabinet at all times

  • 6.2 Children's & client confidential information - must be in a locked metal cabinet, kept separate from employee details.

  • 6.3 Credit / debit card PDQ slips - must have on the slip initials of who took the payment, circle around the authorisation number. Slips attached to the 'Z' reads, and held in date order on a revolving 12 monthly basis. Where applicable.<br>


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