Summary of identified issues

Summary of Corrective Action Taken

1. Vault Limits

1.1 Are vault limits controlled and adhered to?

2. Daily Report

2.1 Is daily variance report completed and actioned?

2.2 Is the Daily Balance Certificate up to date and submitted?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding the Daily Report

Corrective Action Taken

3. Money Test Pack

3.1 Are all notes within the money test pack accounted for?

3.2 Is the check done daily and record kept for SARB audit purposes?

3.3 Is the money test pack stored in a safe place?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding the Money Test Pack

Corrective Action Taken

4. Floats

Mention all floats held by the CMC with the current balance?

Float Audit

Float Name

4.1 Is float in balance?

4.2 Are entries in the float book accounted for and up to date?

4.3 Are all cash entry corrections / deletions accounted for with reference to an OB number?

4.4 Are all registers signed and checked monthly by Management?

4.5 Are half and mutilated notes kept separately however form part of the float book?

4.6 Is the correct process followed with any stained notes?

4.7 Is the correct process followed with false notes?

4.8 No cash that is left unattended within the CMC (processed or un-processed cash)?

4.9 Is there secured storage for unprocessed cash?

4.10 No unallocated cash within the query rack?

Follow up on the Corrective Action regarding Float Audit.

Corrective Action Taken

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