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1. Perimeter

  • 1.1 Is an electric fence present?

  • 1.2 Is the electric fence working?

  • 1.3 Upon testing the fence, does the NCC respond to the alarm?

  • 1.4 Did the Armed Response Company respond to the alarm?

  • 1.5 Is the perimeter kept clear of objects on both sides that could aid scaling of the fence?

  • 1.6 Is the premises properly lit at night?

  • 1.7 Are the immediate surroundings clear of foliage and clutter?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding the perimeter.

  • Corrective Action Taken

2. Armed Guard

  • 2.1 Is there an armed guard present upon entry and exit?

  • 2.2 Is he dressed appropriately and wearing a bullet proof vest?

  • 2.3 Did he followed procedures when allowing access to the branch?

  • 2.4 Is he armed properly?

  • 2.5 Did he have a remote panic button on his person?

  • 2.6 Is the guard room neat and clean?

  • 2.7 Are the search instructions affixed to the wall?

  • 2.8 Are the gate guard instructions laminated and affixed to the wall?

  • 2.9 Is there an OB book available?

  • 2.10 Are general instructions being carried out in OB book entries?

  • 2.11 Are staff producing gate passes to allow access?

  • 2.12 Is the gate guard familiar with the correct searching procedures?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding the guard.

  • Corrective Action Taken

3. Branch Opening

  • 3.1 Were procedures followed during opening of the branch?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding the Branch Opening Procedure.

  • Corrective Action Taken

4. Gates and Shutters

  • 4.1 Is the main gate a double gate (vehicle trap)?

  • 4.2 Are the main gates in proper working condition?

  • 4.3 Are the main gates interlocked?

  • 4.4 Are the gate motors locked with brackets?

  • 4.5 Are blocking vehicles utilised at night between gates?

  • 4.6 Are blocking vehicles utilised unside and outside loading bays?

  • 4.7 Are roller shutter doors in use?

  • 4.8 Are roller shutter doors in proper working condition?

  • 4.9 Are roller shutter doors operated from the Control Room/Boxroom?

  • 4.10 Are roller shutter doors closed at all times except when a vehicle is entering/exiting the loading bay?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding the Gates and Shutters.

  • Corrective Action Taken

5. Vault and Boxroom

  • 5.1 Were procedures followed when the vault was opened?

  • 5.2 Were the under counter safes closed and locked?

  • 5.3 Is the boxroom neat and tidy?

  • 5.4 Is CCTV coverage sufficient?

  • 5.5 Are chutes locked when not in use?

  • 5.6 Is the vault audited daily?

  • 5.7 Are the access and search registers up to date?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding the Vault and Boxroom.

  • Corrective Action Taken

6. Housekeeping

  • 6.1 Is the premises neat and clean outside?

  • 6.2 Are the loading bays clean?

  • 6.3 Is the staff toilet/recreation area clean?

  • 6.4 Are the gardens neat and maintained?

  • 6.5 Are flagpoles present and in use?

  • 6.6 Are private vehicles parked outside the branch?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding Housekeeping.

  • Corrective Action Taken

7. Emergency Power

  • 7.1 Is a generator present?

  • 7.2 Is the generator regularly tested?

  • 7.3 Is the generator working?

  • 7.4 Is the generator locked?

  • 7.5 Is the generator fuelled?

  • 7.6 Is UPS present (supply power to aircons/lights/PC's - red plugs)

  • 7.7 Is UPS working properly?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding the Emergency Power.

  • Corrective Action Taken

8. Lighting

  • 8.1 Are the lights working on exterior of building?

  • 8.2 Are the loading bays sufficiently lit?

  • 8.3 Are inside perimeter lights working?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding Lighting.

  • Corrective Action Taken

9. Staff

  • 9.1 Are staff properly dressed?

  • 9.2 Are staff issued with ID cards and wearing them?

  • 9.3 Are staff clean, shaven and neat?

  • 9.4 Are admin staff dressed appropriately?

  • 9.5 Are company branded vehicles clean?

  • 9.6 Are company branded vehicles roadworthy?

  • 9.7 Are regular vehicle inspections of branded vehicles done?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding Staff.

  • Corrective Action Taken

10. CCTV

  • 10.1 Are all cameras working?

  • 10.2 Are cameras correctly positioned (focussed effectively/cover specifics)?

  • 10.3 Is camera footage clear?

  • 10..4 Are DVR's secured within a rack in the server room?

  • 10.5 Is the server room locked at all times?

  • 10.6 Is footage retained for the correct lenth of time (90 days)?

  • 10.7 Is a procedure in place for the release of evidential material for investigations?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding CCTV.

  • Corrective Action Taken

11. Alarms

  • 11.1 Are panic buttons clearly marked and available in key areas?

  • 11.2 Does staff know where the panic buttons are?

  • 11.3 Are emergency exits fitted with emergency key attached to an alarm?

  • 11.4 Is the glass on the Key Guard Box secure and not damaged?

  • 11.5 Are regular Evacuation drills performed and documented?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding Alarms.

  • Corrective Action Taken

12. Doors

  • 12.1 Are there any interlocking doors in use?

  • 12.2 Are interlocked doors in proper working condition?

  • 12.3 Are there any turnstiles (other than emergency exit) on the premises?

  • 12.4 Are turnstiles working correctly?

  • 12.5 Are there turnstiles fitted at the exterior of each emergency exit?

  • 12.6 Are turnstiles secured and opening only one way?

  • 12.7 Are turnstiles controlled via biometric, card reader and push button?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding Doors.

  • Corrective Action Taken

13. Access control

  • 13.1 Are all operational doors fitted with access control?

  • 13.2 Is access control to secured areas correctly in place?

  • 13.3 Are searches been carried out when persons accessing/leaving the secure areas?

  • 13.4 Are these searches recorded correctly?

  • 13.5 Are access tags disabled when a person is absent?

  • 13.6 Are access tags removed/deleted when the person is terminated/transfered?

  • 13.7 Are there a visitors access control policy and procedure in place?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding Access Control.

  • Corrective Action Taken

14. Key control

14.1 Are procedures followed with regards to key control for the following:

  • 14.1.1 Vehicle keys

  • 14.1.2 Property keys

  • 14.1.3 Customer spare keys

  • 14.1.4 Customer keys

  • 14.1.5 Electronic keys

  • 14.1.6 Other branch spare keys

  • 14.1.7 Is there a monthly signed copy (by the Branch Manager) available?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding Keys

  • Corrective Action Taken

15. Control Room

  • 15.1 Access Control (authorised)?

  • 15.2 Access Register correctly completed and up to date?

  • 15.3 Is the Control Room neat and tidy?

  • 15.4 Sufficient controller compliment?

  • 15.5 Are SOP's and Instructions displayed?

  • 15.6 Is vehicle tracking operational and active?

  • 15.7 Is Controller dressed appropriately?

  • 15.8 Is Vehicle Log Sheet updated and in use?

  • 15.9 Does the Controller know the current location of the vehicles?

  • 15.10 Are safe codes requested, generated and issued correctly?

  • 15.11 Are location of the vehicles confirmed prior to issuing safe codes?

  • 15.12 OB book utilised, up to date and signed by Management?

  • 15.13 Is there adequate verbal communication between the Control Room and the vehicles?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding the Control Room

  • Corrective Action Taken?

16. Counting House

  • 16.1 Is there a staff locker facility?

  • 16.2 Are all personal belongings stored outside the working area (in lockers)?

  • 16.3 Is CCTV coverage sufficient?

  • 16.4 Is a visitor's register in use?

  • 16.5 Are search procedures in place and correctly complied with?

  • 16.6 Are float books in order and up to date?

  • 16.7 Are float books correctly signed by management?

  • 16.8 Does the physical cash count of floats balance with the electronic and manual float registers?

  • 16.9 Are specimen signatures up to date?

  • 16.10 Are panic buttons clearly marked?

  • 16.11 Are staff toilets locked and are staff searched before leaving work stations?

Follow up on Corrective Action regarding the Counting House.

  • Corrective Action Taken

17. Vehicles (AV)

  • 17.1 Is vehicle road worthy?

  • 17.2 Is vehicle fitted with a tracking device?

  • 17.3 Are safes working on the vehicle?

  • 17.4 Is interlocking working on the vehicle?

  • 17.5 Is the vehicle clean inside and out?

  • 17.6 Dropsafe drawers are fitted correctly and cannot be removed?

  • 17.7 Is the plate above the vault lock welded shut?

  • 17.8 Are system boxes sealed/secured?

  • 17.9 Are serious mechanical/safety issues being addressed?

Follow up on the Corrective Action regarding Vehicles.

  • Corrective Action Taken

18. Armoury

  • 18.1 Are CPC audits audits being conducted and recorded?

  • 18.2 Are Global Lock audits conducted and recorded?

  • 18.3 Are all spare VMS/VTD's kept in a secure location and are all accounted for?

  • 18.4 Is the CPC table key register in place?

  • 18.5 Are the firearm permits up to date and correct?

  • 18.6 Are customer fob keys up to date and deleted where applicable?

  • 18.7 Is the firearm register up to date?

  • 18.8 Are the firearms in good condition?

  • 18.9 Is the Branch Make Safe secured?

  • 18.10 Are road staff all issued with bullet proof vests?

Follow up on the Corrective Action regarding the Armoury.

  • Corrective Action Taken

19. Health and Safety

  • 19.1 Are incident reports completed for all Hazards, Near Misses and Incidents?

  • 19.2 Is a register in place where employees have been briefed of safety issues?

  • 19.3 Are posters regarding Health & Safety displayed?

  • 19.4 Are safety meetings being held monthly (view minutes)?

  • 19.5 Are evacuation procedures in place?

19.6 Are the following up for display:

  • 19.6.1 Basic Conditions of Employment Act?

  • 19.6.2 Employment Equity Act?

  • 19.6.3 Schedule D of the General Machinery Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act - where machinery is used in our day to day operations (such as workshops and cash centres)?

  • 19.6.4 The branch own Health & Safety notice indicating responsible persons, health & safety representatives, first aiders and the location of the first aid box?

  • 19.6.5 Is a full copy (not a summary wall chart) of the Occupational Health & Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993) and the relevant regulations readily available at the workplace for employees?

  • 19.6.6 A copy of the Health & Safety mission statement that has been signed by the MD?

Follow up on the Corrective Action regarding Health & Safety.

  • Corrective Action Taken

20. Management

  • 20.1 Are daily Ops Meetings conducted between Branch Manager and Seniors?

  • 20.2 Are the meetings minuted and are action plans in place?

  • 20.3 Is the Quality Report Register in place and are these reports dealt with in the correct manner?

  • 20.4 Are monthly checks conducted and operational reports signed off?

  • 20.5 Are monthly checks conducted by the ROD?

Follow up on the Corrective Action regarding Management.

  • Corrective Action Taken

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