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  • Audit Title

  • Audit address

  • Branch name

  • Fleet Number

  • Vehicle photos

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  • Location
  • Personnel

    1. Vehicle
  • 1.1 Is the vehicle clean and tidy?

  • 1.2 Is vehicle parked in a defensive position?

  • 1.3 Is vehicle gun ports closed?

  • 1.4 Is vehicle aircon in working condition?

  • 1.5 Vehicle lock out device in working condition?

  • 1.6 VMS/VTD in working condition?

  • 1.7 Is camera/intercom in working condition?

  • 1.8 Cash not in crew compartment?

  • 1.9 All safes are in working condition and all cash dropped in the safes?

  • 1.10 Any additional vehicle detail.

  • 1.11 Any additional vehicle photos.

2. Crew

  • 2.1 Is the crew properly dressed in uniform?

  • 2.2 Is crew wearing his bullet proof?

  • 2.3 Is crew vigilant and aware of his surroundings?

  • 2.4 Does the crew follow the correct procedure?

  • 2.5 Is firearm holstered and his gun hand free?

  • 2.6 Is firearm permit available and correct?

  • 2.7 Does crew wear a valid compay ID card and is it in good condition?

  • 2.8 Any additional detail regarding the crew.

  • 2.9 Any additional crew photos.

3rd Man

  • 3.1 Is the 3rd Man properly dressed in uniform?

  • 3.2 Does the 3rd Man leave the AV before the crew?

  • 3.3 Is the 3rd Man properly armed?

  • 3.4 Does the 3rd Man wear his bullet proof vest?

  • 3.5 Is the 3rd Man correctly placed in a defensive position?

  • 3.6 Does the 3rd Man follow the correct procedure?

  • Any additional info regarding the 3rd Man.

  • Any Additional 3rd Man photos.

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  • Date Audit Finalised

  • Confirmed that all audit content was explained.

  • Date Audit Confirmed

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