1. Desktop Review

  • Contract

  • Site Name

  • Site Location

  • Resource

  • Last 3 service completion dates

  • Select date

  • Select date

  • Invoice price per service (Navision)

  • Cost per service (Navision)

  • Total usage cost (Navision)

  • Total invoice price (Navision)

  • Annual frequency

  • Outstanding services (Exceptions)

  • How many?

2. On-site Scope Audit (Rating 1 = Poor, 5 = Excellent)

  • Lawns cut & edged

  • Pruning of bushes, shrubs & trees (under 3m)

  • Weeds sprayed/removed

  • Removal of rubbish from gardens & hard stand areas

  • Storm water drains free from debris

  • Irrigation systems onsite

  • Is the irrigation system operational

3. Upgrade/Additional Works Site Audit

  • Do the lawns require upgrade works

  • Do the garden beds require upgrade works

  • How many significant trees onsite

  • Are there any required tree works to be completed

  • Is all store signage clear from vegetation

  • Is store frontage clear from cobwebs

  • Are there storm water drains onsite

  • How many

  • Can the grates be lifted off the storm water drains

  • Do they require additional clean-outs

  • Is current site line marking in good condition

  • Is there any graffiti onsite

  • Is there any chewing gum on the pavement at the front entrance

  • Are gas vent pipes/swap & go cages free from vegetation & combustible material (Petrol sites only) **2m proximity

4. Manager Feedback

  • Is the feedback positive or negative

  • Is the time allocated for the service sufficient

  • Additional comments

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