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  • Audit Title

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  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Inspection Time & Date

  • Project/Site & Location

Site Control

  • Is the hazard board and signage up to date?

  • Have any environmental issues been addressed?

  • Last Toolbox Meeting Date

  • Have inductions been completed for all staff on site?

Site Facilities

  • Is the office clean, fit for purpose and well lit?

  • Are lunch facilities clean and water provided?

  • Are toilet facilities clean and hand washing systems available?

  • Is the tool/equipment shed tidy, accessible and fit for purpose?

  • Is relevant signage displayed, in good condition and legible?

General Site Tidiness & Access Ways

  • Is there clear safe access to work areas?

  • Are stairways and access ways clear of debris and product?

  • Are fences & gates secure, restricting access to the site?

  • Are all loose materials secure from wind?

Personal Safety Equipment

  • Is signage displayed and legible?

  • Are hard hats being worn as required?

  • Is correct footwear being worn?

  • Are glasses/ear muffs/high vis clothing/masks being worn where required?

First Aid/Fire Prevention

  • Is the first aid kit available and contents up to date?

  • Is the accident register on site and completed as required?

  • Are fire extinguishers available and current?

  • Fire extinguisher inspection date?

  • Is there a sufficient number of fire extinguishers?

  • Is emergency procedures and evacuation assembly points in place with clear signage?

Cranes/Hoist/Lifting Equipment

  • Is there a proper lift assessment plan in place?

  • Is the lifting work "Notifiable Works"?

  • Is the lifting device currently certified and in a serviceable condition?

  • Are slings and chains certified and in a serviceable condition?

  • Are there operator procedures in place?

  • Are regular inspections being carried out on all equipment?

  • Is there a man cage available for use?

  • Is there an emergency rescue plan in place?

Compressed Air Equipment

  • Is all equipment in good condition?

  • Are all guards appropriately fitted and in good condition preventing access to moving parts?

  • Is the user trained and competent?


  • Has the excavation work been notified?

  • Are the excavation works shored, benched or battered correctly?

Welding/Gas Cutting

  • Is hot works being carried out?

  • Has a permit for hot works been issued?

  • Are fire extinguishers on hand?

  • Is correct PPE being used?

  • Is there adequate ventilation?

Electrical Equipment

  • Is the main board lockable/weatherproof?

  • Is an RCD being used on site?

  • Is all electrical equipment in good condition?

  • Is all electrical equipment tested and tagged? (Pick 5 items at random)

  • Are leads placed safely while in use?

  • Is temporary lighting adequate for the task?

Machine Guarding

  • Do all tools have appropriate guarding in place?


  • Are chemicals stored correctly, labelled and correct signage in place?

  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for the chemicals on site?

  • Is correct PPE being used as per the MSDS?


  • Are staff trained in tool use?

  • Are staff using tools in a safe manner?


  • Has the scaffold structure been notified?

  • Is there a current scaffold tag showing scaffold inspection within the last 7 days?

  • Are all handrails and mid-rails in place?

  • Are toe boards fitted?

  • Do platforms provide adequate access clear of tools and product?

  • Are ladders, stairs and access points suitably designed and placed and in good condition?

  • Is the scaffold footing on a flat, secure surface with sole boards and plates in place?

  • Are platform planks secured?

  • Is there adequate headroom at all access points?

  • Are ties and bracing adequate for the structure?


  • Are ladders in good condition, free from damage and signs of wear and tear?

  • Is the correct ladder type and size being used?

  • Are ladders secured when in use as required?

  • Are ladder users working at least 2 steps from the top?

Fall Hazards/Working at Height

  • Are harnesses being utilised?

  • Do workers using harnesses hold the NZQA 15757 unit standard?

  • Are roof workers isolated from falling?

  • Are floor edges, openings, lift shafts and stairs isolated from risk of fall?

  • Are excavations isolated with perimeter fencing?

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