• Job Category

  • Job Type

  • Description


  • Powered Tools

  • Falls

  • Excavation

  • Falling objects

  • Moving plant

  • Noise

  • Manual handling

  • Access / Egress

  • Confined spaces

  • Asbestos

  • Working in trenches

  • Live parts

  • Dust

  • Lone workers

  • Scaffolding

  • UV Radiation

  • Ladders

  • Other

  • Other hazard:


  • Working on or near Exposed Energized Electrical Equipment

  • Working Near Overhead Powerlines

  • Heights

  • Plant

  • Excavation and Trenching

  • Asbestos

  • Confined spaces

  • Hazardous substances

  • Demolition

  • Working on or near a road


  • Live testing

  • Noise management

  • Plant and Equipment

  • PPE Management

  • Risk Management and Hazard Intervention

  • Visual Safety Examination Inspection

  • Working in the sun

  • Ladders

  • Electrical Safety (general)

  • Inspection of Safety Equipment

  • Isolation Safety Tag and Lockout

  • Inspection of Test Instruments

  • Testing and Tagging

  • Testing of Electrical Equipment & Installation

  • Accessing a Pit or Pillar

  • CCICR (ceiling, crawling & conductive roofs)

  • Hazardous Substances Management

  • Housekeeping

  • Manual Handling

  • Work on Electrical Equipment

  • Working in the Vicinity of Exposed Live Parts

  • Excavation and Trenching

  • Safe Working with Asbestos

  • Heights

  • Heights Rescue

  • Emergency Preparedness

Licences and Risks

  • Competency Records / Licences

  • High Risk Plant / Equipment being used

  • Other:

Risk Assessment

  • Task details

  • Hazards and Risks

  • Initial Risk Level

  • Controls undertaken to minimise risk:

  • Residual Risk Level

  • Risk Likelihood Matrix

    Risk Likelihood Matrix
  • Risk Decision Tree

    Risk Decision Tree
  • If the residual risk is High or Catastrophic, permission must be sought by High Level Management for work to proceed.

  • Is the residual risk High or Catastrophic?

  • You must contact High Level Management before continuing.


  • I certify that the above control measures have been implemented and deemed the site to be safe:

  • Additional workers:

  • Additional workers:

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