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Observation checklist about solid waste management at Mbale City

Solid Waste Management in Mbale City

  • Are there solid waste management plans/strategies employed by Mbale City Authority?

  • How effective and efficient are these solid waste management strategies

  • What are the major sources of solid waste generations in Mbale City

  • Are there temporal waste collection and storage facilities in Mbale City to collect and store solid waste temporary?

  • Which collection and storage methods are used?

  • Are there any environmental, social and human health adverse impacts caused by these facilities?

  • which environmental, social and human health adverse impacts are experienced around this facilities?

  • Are number of bins and dumpsters adequate?

  • Are waste containers emptied regularly?

  • what type of solid waste is generated

  • Are citizens aware about solid waste management practices?

  • Are citizens aware about proper solid waste management practices benefits?

  • Are there workers enployed by Mbale City Authority to clean, collect and store the solid waste generated in Mbale City?

  • How often do they clean, collect and store the waste generated

  • Are there any private companies liceased by Mbale City Authority to collect and transport the generated waste?

  • how many are they?


  • Are the wastes generated segregated at the source?

  • How are they segregated?

  • Are the waste storage areas free from odors, contaminants, or signs of vermin?

  • Do all workers wear appropriate PPE while segregating wastes?

  • Have measures been put in place to deal with any hazardous waste?

  • Is the first aid kit readily available in case of emergency?

  • Do Mbale City solid waste management team apply any of the 4Rs waste management mechanism?

  • which of the 4Rs waste management mechanism is applied


  • Are there any solid waste disposal management facility in Mbale City?

  • How many are there?

  • Is the location of disposal facility appropriate? (i.e., away from water bodies, reasonable distance from the waste generation sources, away from residential houses)?

  • which disposal management method is employed?


  • Recommendations

  • Officer in charge (Full Name and Signature)

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