Crew Positions

Dresser Station

Can make all items?

Can break down to clean and reassemble?

Knows audit procedures?



Knows all audit procedures?

Temperature zones?

Proper product placement?

Tong and spatula usage?

Knows how to clean?

Knows preventive maintenance? Yearly cleaning.


Front Swamp

Knows how to make all products?

Knows audit procedures?

Knows how to clean steamer? Daily? Weekly?

Knows how to clean hotdog roller grill?


Back Swamp

Knows product cooking temps?

Knows how to filter fryers?

Knows how to boil outs?

Knows how to do yearly maintenance?



Responsibilities of expediter?
Drops down, quality control, portioning control, condiments, presentation, accuracy, completeness, condiments, and ticket on bag!



Knows audit procedures?

Knows how to make all drinks?

Knows how to clean slush machine?


Ice Cream Station

Knows how to make all ice cream products?

Knows how to clean ice cream and shake machines?



7 me's

3 T's

B.L.A.S.T. Means what? Most important step?



Knows 5 things said on all orders?

Knows two types of things we don't say on switchboard?


Front & Back Prep

Can make prep for front and back?

Knows where to find prep lists, aka stock lists?


Opening Routines




Closing Routines




Sonic Safe Certified


Knows standards for crew and management appearance?

Meets Standard for Appearance?


Knows what it means for employees to be dependable? And should managers follow same expectation?

Meets Standard for Dependability?

Management Level (Crew Leaders and Assistants)

Priorities of crew leader? vs. manager?

Knows priorities?
Be trained in all positions, be able to train in those positions, keep subordinates productive, keep positions clean and ready to go, hold subordinates to systems and standards (audit procedures, checklists, par levels, timers, etc.)

Meets priorities?

Able to train in all required positions?


QSC Skills

What is QSC?
Quality Service Cleanliness

Meets quality standards?

Meets service standards?

Meets cleanliness standards?

Meets All Standards

Demonstrates other skills

Good listening skills? And are coachable?

Leadership skills? Buy into bigger picture?
Sells trainees on ideas behind the necessary skill sets.

Follow up skills?
Able to hold people accountable to expectations after their crew has been made aware.

Meets All Standards


Shows appreciation and gratitude toward fellow team members.

Acts in a way that leaves their superior in a position to believe they are doing the right things for the sake of the business?

Works with fellow managers and associates to achieve the goals of the business.



Able to run shifts unsupervised?

Coordinate efforts and tasks of crew members?

Understands productivity? Can explain!

Understands food cost? Can explain!


Policies, Procedures, Rules, & Systems

Two minute rule stressed? Break down by position!

Zero mistake policy being enforced? Break down by position!

Timer usage?

Checklist usage?

Par level usage?

Carhop Training Program Usage? 4 steps?
Contract to carhop, carhop video, 1on 1 training with script, follow up quiz my manager before being allowed to go their own.

Game Plan Usage? What is 2 step process?
Visual - written layout of crew
Verbal - quick 10-20 second conversation with each employee to relay expectation.

Safety and Security Procedures being followed? Name all important aspects?

Cash Handling Procedures being followed? What is process for single individual responsibility?

Audit procedures? Able to do food safety audits and hold crew accountable?

Work Place Environment

What does it mean to manage work place enviroment?

List different ways to affect work place environment! Stop foul language, inappropriate names or comments, slang, arguments, etc. Doing a game plane eliminates stress and frustration!

Do they actively create positive work environment?

Able to do Closing Admin?

Able to do basic equipment repairs & deal with vendors?

Serve Safe Certified?

First Assistant


Knows how to read a p&l / balance sheet?

Understands check register and can do dividend projection?

What is difference between dividend and p&l profit?


Able to find and complete insurance forms?

Able to do scheduling?

Employee Retention

Able to Interview?

Able to do new hire paperwork?

Able to properly terminate employees?


Able to do food orders?

Able to do EOM POP changeover and programming?

Able to do Payroll?

Able to do Inventory and status report?

Individual Being Evaluated
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.