SOP 3.3.1 Traceability

  • Conducted on

  • Hub - Nathan Way

  • Prepared by

  • Location/Area
  • Tasty African Food Distribution

  • Customer

  • Start Time

  • Reason - Internal live, Customer and SALSA

Quality, Packaging and Labelling Checks

  • Batch Number / Code

  • Production Date

  • Best Before / Use By

  • Product

  • Correct Date Coding? Please confirm if correct

  • Company Number (UK GN039) - Please confirm if correct

  • Quantity

  • Net Weight

  • Correct Food packaging unit/container size?

  • Correct Labelling and Packaging ? Please add Media

  • Is Package sealed completely? Please confirm no spillage, please add photo

  • Total units packed

  • Non conformance identified? If Yes, add photo

  • Waste generated e.g Units, weights

  • Add media


  • Organoleptic tests (Taste, Mouth feel, Flavour/Odour and Appearance/Colour ) are carried out and approved?

  • Add media

  • Food is free from contaminants ? E.g Physical, Chemical, and microbiological contaminants

  • Is product packaged under the correct temperature?

  • What is the temperature taken ?

Storage Location before Dispatch

  • Area E.g Packaging Freezer, Chiller etc

  • Chiller or Freezer Temperature

  • Finish Time

  • Completed By

  • Signed By

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