• Document No.


  • Customer Name

  • Site Name and Address
  • Date of inspection

  • Date of last inspection

  • Date of next inspection

  • Reason for visit

  • System being tested

This certificate is issued by the Firm above in respect of the Fire Detection & Alarm System and Emergency Lighting System provided by the person(s) or organisation named above at the premises identified above, being a Fire Detection & Alarm System and Emergency Light System of the type described.

  • Time arrived

  • Operative name

  • Details of visit and variations to clause 45:

Fire Alarm

  • Battery Charge

  • Battery Supply Voltage

  • Battery Supply Voltage in Alarm

  • Quiescent standby reading

  • Quiescent in Alarm Reading

  • Battery Age

  • All Led's Working?

  • Display Working?

  • Printer Working?

  • Remote Panels Working?

  • Double Pole Fused Spur?

  • Induce fault on circuit, check monitoring ok on panel

  • Fused Spur Supply Cable in FP200?

  • All sounders tested?

  • Door retainers tested and faults recorded?

  • Auxiliary devices tested from outputs?

  • Link to monitoring station tested?

  • Test percentage carried out?

  • Log book present and filled out?

  • Zone plan in place?

  • Any areas which are non accessible, if so please note down:

  • All devices tested appropriately, labelled with date?

  • Would the current system benefit from coverage in new areas or addition of door retainers or auxiliary interfaces to 3rd party devices / equipment?

  • Is any part of system isolated due to works / customer request signature panel for customer to accept responsibility of system isolation?


  • All relevant paperwork on site?

  • Informed customer / ARC on site?

  • Log book checked and completed?

  • Identified areas tested from previous visit?

  • Is equipment undamaged where seen?

  • Is equipment firmly fixed?

  • Is equipment clean?

  • Any structural changes?

  • System coverage satisfactory?

  • System returned to operational state?

  • Does the system(s) have a current BAFE Certificate of Compliance? If yes, give details.

Emergency Lights

  • Number of maintained luminaires

  • Number of non-maintained luminaires

  • Duration of test

Luminaire locations

  • At each exit door?

  • Within 2m stair tread / level change?

  • Within 2m of exit / safety signs

  • At each direction change?

  • Corridor intersection?

  • Outside and within 2m of final exit?

  • Within 2m of first aid point?

  • Within 2m of Fire call points and fighting equipment?

  • Lift cars?

  • Disabled toilets?

  • Plant rooms?

  • Covered car parks?

  • Toilets larger than 8m2?

Other Information

  • Faults found

  • Areas of property needing additional protection

  • All tested fire alarm devices and equipment working correctly

  • All tested Emergency Lights working correctly

  • SPC Job Number (also Certificate Number)

  • Time departed

I / We certify that the maintenance work identified in this certificate complies with the Standard or Code of Practice identified in as currently laid down within the SP203-1 Certification Scheme in respect of such a system.

  • Trade staff signature


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