• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Employment Offer

  • Offer of employment date

  • Award/Terms and Conditions

  • Tasks and responsibilities - Position Description

  • Work hours, meeting and training attendance

  • Pay information - level and pay day

  • Performance expectations - Code of conduct, confidentiality, performance reviews

  • Provision of Fair Work Information Statement

  • Date of acceptance of offer

  • Employer signature

  • Employee signature

  • Notes for file

Staff Administration

  • Enter date of induction

  • Photo for file and staff card

  • Personal Details

  • Tax information - Tax File Declaration

  • Super Fund choice

  • Copy of licences, qualifications and permits

  • Other Payroll Information - deductions, payments to third parties

  • Office - Work Cover check

  • Other Information

  • Employee Information sent to Payroll


  • PPE check

  • Introduction to Supervisor/work team/buddy

  • Work area and facilities

  • Location of key areas and key personnel

  • Notes

Daily Operations

  • Computer logins/access

  • Computer systems

  • Internet and computer usage

  • Use of business vehicles

  • Phone and communication systems - protocols for internal and external communication

  • Customer Service Protocols

  • Personal business

  • Leave entitlement provisions

  • Location of policies and procedures

  • Access and equity - anti-discrimination and anti-workplace harassment - inclusive work practices

  • Schedule of Toolbox/Staff Meetings

  • Premises security - entry and exit

  • Training opportunities

  • Agreement - use of vehicle, computer, plant and equipment

  • Employee signature

Workplace health and safety

  • Safe work instruction - work hazards, PPE

  • Safe work instruction - plant operation

  • Safe work instruction - other

  • Obligations under legislation

  • Fire safety and emergency procedures

  • Incidents and accidents procedures

  • Risk management processes

  • First Aid Kits

  • Communication and consultation - reporting and discussing health and safety issues

  • Other - Safety Signs

  • OH&S test

  • Completion of Workplace Induction

  • Employee signature

  • Supervisor's signature

Equipment and machine operation check

  • Floor area

Skills Checklist

Action Items

  • Category & item No

  • Action to be taken

  • Assigned To

  • Date Completed

  • Notes to follow up

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