Pre-work Inspections

  • Control of Work (scope clearly defined, proper work instructions been given, and execution of work properly supervised

  • Lifting Operations (correct and in-date inspections,proper barriers being used,suspended loads left unattended)

  • Mobile Equipment Operation (forklift, cranes-equipment designed for intend use, inspected, used in a safe working condition, load properly secure)

Safety Issues / Compliance

  • Emergency Preparedness (exits clear of obstructions / extinguishers -current inspection, obstructed / eye wash stations- current inspection, obstructed / First Aid- accessible, no contents past their expiration date)

  • Housekeeping ( work tables clear of debris and trash, tools stored properly, walkways/intersections kept clear)

  • Use of PPE (proper gloves for the task, appropriate foot protection, safety glasses and approved prescription safety glasses with side shields)

  • Use of tools and equipment (correct tool for the job, equipment clean, noticeable damage, all guards and safety features in place)

  • Material Handling (load capacities indicated for cranes/hoists/forklifts, slings /shackles/ in good condition)

Health Issues / Compliance

  • Ergonomics (awkward work positions, workspace positioning, repetitive stress)

  • Work Environment (food and drinks eaten in areas away from potential health hazards or toxic materials)

  • Heat Stress (controls in place to minimize heat illness, Water and Electrolyte drinks available and proper ventaialtion)

Environmental Issues / Compliance

  • Waste disposal (Trash in proper bins, emptied regularly, empty Pallets stored)

  • Chemical Safety (SDS available, all containers properly labelled, unused substances properly disposed of, containers are in good condition, properly secured, and not leaking)

  • Outside storage (secondary containment, RCRA storage area, properly stacked,and not leaking)

  • Ground / Soil (evidence of spill or contamination, storm drains free from obstruction, spill kits accessible )

Additional Comments, Findings, or Observations

  • Add media

Sign Off

  • Management representative present during inspection

  • Auditor’s signature

  • Select date

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