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  • Section / Pit Number

  • Site

  • Address

  • Conducted on


  • Shoring and Access in place?

  • Comments


  • Bedding of sufficient depth and compaction?

  • Pipes not sitting on collars causing 'beaming'?

  • Vertical/Horizontal alignment checked and satisfactory?

  • Direction of laying satisfactory? (ie. Collar on upstream end?)

  • Rubber ring jointing is satisfactory?

  • If butt jointed pipes approved, rubber bands used at the joints?

  • House drain connected to top of pipe with approved connection?

  • Check that pipes are sound ie. not cracked

  • Lifting hole bungs in place?

  • Sizes of pipes, bedding materials etc. conform to design?

  • Comments


  • Haunching and backfill material as specified and compacted?

  • Any biofiltration backfill as specified?

  • Comments


  • Base material placed and compacted?

  • Inner and outer formworks and reinforcement are in place (for in-situ pits)?

  • No collars are incorporated within the pit walls?

  • Precast pits have been supplied and installed as per plans?

  • Holes are mortared up for precast pits?

  • Strength of concrete used to construct pits meets standard? (In-situ only)


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