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Strathfield Council - Environmental Audit Report

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Stormwater Management

  • 1.Does the business know the location of all onsite stormwater drains?

  • 2. Are all stormwater drains clean and free of pollutants?

  • 3. No activities conducted in outdoor areas.

  • 4. Does the business have a spill kit?

Chemical Storage

  • 5. Are all liquids stored in a covered and bundled area?

  • 6. Are any underground tanks tested for leaks?

  • 7. Does the business have chemical inventory? (MSDS, volumes, container types)

Air Management

  • 8. Is all spray painting conducted inside a spray booth?

  • 9. Are all filters fitted/operating correctly?

  • 10. Does the spray booth conform to AS4114?

  • 11. Are all dust collection systems operating correctly?

Waste Management

  • 12. Are solid wastes kept covered?

  • 13. Are liquid wastes stored in a covered and bundled area?

  • 14. Is waste water disposed of in an accordance with a Sydney Water Trade Waste Agreement?

  • 15. Details of Trade Waste Agreement:

  • 16. Is a waste tracking file kept for all wastes?

Noise Management

  • 17. No noise impacts on any nearby residential premises?

  • 18. What are the operation hours of the business?

Land Management

  • 19. No evidence of land contamination on the site?

Microbial Control

  • 20. Does the premises have an operational cooling tower?

  • 21.Is the cooling tower registered with Council?

  • 22. Registration Number:

Inspection Result

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  • Phone: (02) 9748 9999 Fax: (02) 9764 1034 Email:

  • NB: Assessment report contains findings from date/time of inspection only

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