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  • Location


  • Select date and time inspection took place.


  • Are aisle ways and exits clear and unobstructed?

  • Are offices and storage areas clean, orderly, and free of debris and slipping/tripping hazards?

  • Are cabinet tops clean and not used as storage?

  • Are mops and brooms stored in a well ventilated area with heads up off the floor?

  • Are janitors closets clean and not used for storage?

  • Are food appliances and eating areas kept clean?

  • Are floors adequately swept, mopped, vacuumed and free of slipping/tripping/fall hazards?

  • Are fluorescent light tubes properly disposed of?

  • Are filing cabinet drawers evenly loaded to prevent tipping over?


  • Select date and time inspection took place.


  • Is the use of extension cords eliminated when possible?

  • Are only UL-approved extension cords and/or power strips used?

  • Are electric cords in good repair (not spliced or taped, ground prong intact, plug secure on cord)?

  • Are electric cords arranged so they do not present tripping or other hazard?

  • Are electric cords kept out of doorways and aisles?

  • Are breaker boxes and junction boxes securely covered?

  • Are heat-producing appliances plugged directly into hard-wired outlets, not extension cords?

  • Do portable heat-producing appliances have tip over safety feature?

  • Are electrical outlets not overloaded?

  • Is emergency lighting operational?

  • Do electrical panel boxes lock and close properly?

Sign Posting/Labeling

  • Select date and time inspection took place.

Sign Posting/Labeling

  • Is a written Emergency/Evacuation Plan posted and up to date?

  • Are Bomb Threat procedures posted near doors and phones?

  • Are Industrial Hygiene Surveys available and up to date?

  • Is the Commanding Officer's Safety Policy Statement posted and up to date?

  • Are applicable Safety and Occupational Heath (SOH) and Fire Deficiency Notices posted and up to date?

  • Are routine (monthly/quarterly) supervisor workplace safety inspections being conducted and recorded?

  • Are Unsafe/Unhealthful report forms readily available to employees?

  • Is the DOD Safety & Occupational Health Protection Program poster (DD2272) posted on the official bulletin board?

  • When required, are floor loading signs posted? (I.e., mezzanine areas)


  • Select date and time inspection took place.


  • Are office furnishings and chairs in good repair?

  • Do rolling chairs have 5 casters?

  • Are step stools and ladders sturdy and fitted with rubber caps to control movement while in use?

  • Are paper cutters equipped with safety latches, finger guards, and stored with the blade locked?

  • Are fans equipped with adequate blade guards?

  • Are all employees briefed on the office emergency evacuation plan and re-assembly?

  • Is ergonomic hazard mitigation being used?

  • Are area JHAs up to date, and are they available for worker review?

Fire Protection

  • Select date and time inspection took place.

Fire protection

  • Are emergency egress lanes clear and unobstructed?

  • Are personnel EXIT signs posted and clearly visible?

  • Are fire exits kept free of obstructions?

  • Are the directions to exits, when not immediately apparent, marked clearly with visible signs?

  • Are emergency egress EXIT signs illuminated and in working order?

  • Are fire suppression sprinkler heads kept clean?

  • Are sprinkler heads protected by metal guards when exposed to physical damage?

  • Is proper clearance maintained below sprinkler heads (18 inches)?

  • Are appropriate fire extinguishers mounted, located, and identified so they are readily accessible to employees?

  • Are all fire extinguishers inspected monthly and recharged regularly and noted on the inspection tag?

Hazardous Material/Training

  • Select date and time inspection took place.

Hazardous Material

  • If secondary containers are used, are they properly labeled?

  • Are MSDS logs current and readily available?


  • Are all personnel assigned appropriate (Core) duty/task(s)?

  • Are all personnel assigned correct job specific duty/task(s) that correctly identify their training requirements?

  • Are all personnel current with required training and medical surveillance?


  • Signature of inspector. (Sign when all sections have been completed.)

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