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General - Control Systems

  • 1. Is the supplier ISO9001 accredited?

  • Does The supplier hold any other certification?

  • 2. Rate the Process flow diagram

  • Does it clearly show how the product is made? <br>Are all inspection points identified?

  • 3. Is there an effective control plan in place?

  • Product, process, key characteristics, inspections, parameter checks and set-up checks.<br>Is it Signed off by Key Stakeholders?

  • 4. How comprehensive are the available Quality Standards?

  • Should be comprehensive and available at every inspection point.<br>Are operators/inspectors aware of the content?

  • 5. Rate the training that personnel are given for their assigned function?

  • Is a training matrix available? Are training records kept, up to date and assessed? Is competency Proven before sign off?

  • 6. Rate the suppliers procedure for handling Non-Conformances Report (NCRs)?

  • Is each NCR assigned a unique ref to aid traceability?<br>Is a tracking sheet used to monitor responses?

  • 7. Does the supplier use a recognised Problem Solving Method, such as 8D, 5WHY, Ishakawa, Taguchi …?

  • Review a sample of Supplier's corrective actions, How do they handle customer complaints? Check effectiveness of problem solving with quality monitoring and check control plan has been updated.

  • 8. Rate the suppliers ability to demonstrate product performance claims?

  • Are tests carried out in-house or independent labs? <br>Does it meets recognised standards I.E. international Standards BSI etc…

  • 9. Rate the suppliers capability to trace product end to end?

  • Can the supplier demonstrate effective traceability on an item?


Purchasing - Supplier Selection & Ordering

  • 10. Rate how effective this suppliers process is in selecting, vetting and approving their sub-suppliers?

  • Is there a formal process for selection & approval eg, audit, monitoring process?

  • 11. How clearly does the supplier express product requirements in their Purchase Orders?

  • Such as: material specifications, important dimensions and tolerances, restricted substances, Shelf Life Etc.

Goods in & Raw materials

Goods In & Raw Materials

  • 12. Rate the storage and indentification of raw materials

  • Should be stored in a dry clean area away from risk of damage<br>How well is Shelf Life Controlled & managed?

  • 13. Rate the Inbound inspections performed by the supplier?

  • Have all critical raw materials been identified?


Production - Manufacturing, Inspection & Packaging

  • 14. Are the work areas identified, clean organized and suitably lit?

  • Is the Area well lit and well maintained?

  • 15. Are there Key Performance Indicators in use?

  • Safety, quality, delivery, cost, people and environment

  • 16. How comprehensive are the available SOPs in the manufacturing process?

  • Should also be available at every inspection point

  • 17. Rate the suppliers formal start-up/set-up procedure.

  • First part should be approved. In case of a long stoppage in operations, start-up procedure should be applied

  • 18. Rate the identification, traceability, control & handling of materials, WIP & Finished Product.

  • Does this align with the process flow diagram?<br>Is there any Potential for Mix-up?

  • 19. Rate the disposal system in place for rejected material/components?

  • Check that bins are marked with a colour code for easy identification. Do they capture volumes and types of rejected material/components?

  • 20. Rate calibration of measuring equipment.

  • Procedure for routine calibration<br>Are there any Out of calibration Items?<br>Are there any instruments Missing?

  • 21. Rate the inspection approach with respect to protecting the customer

  • Does it appropriately detect all potential Failure Modes?<br>Does it Address Previous/known product issues seen in NCR's or Field Issues?


Warehousing - Storage & Despatch

  • 22. Rate the storage of finished goods

  • Should be stored in a dry clean area away from any risk of damage & contamination.


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