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  • Surrey Quays Shopping Centre

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by


Public Access Areas

  • Public area well lit

  • Mall fire escape doors clear of obstruction

  • Both escalators operating safely

  • Both public lifts operating safely

  • Public areas free spillages or slip hazards

  • Doors to vacant unit secure

  • WiFi working


  • Toilets clean

  • Disabled alarm working


  • Toilets clean

  • Disabled alarm working

  • Pa system work

  • Vending machines working

  • Wheelchairs accounted for

Service areas and corridors

  • All good lifts working

  • Fire doors leading to roof clear from obstruction

  • Are bolts removed from Santander Fire Exit leading onto roof

  • Are bolts removed from Game fire exit leading into car park

  • Loading bays safe and free from obstruction

  • Vehicles parked in designated areas

  • All fire doors operational and unobstructed

  • All fire corridors free from obstruction

  • Burger King oil barrel secure

  • Padlock on metal skip


  • All FOB doors secure

  • All entrance doors revolving

  • All emergency stops working

  • All pass doors ok

  • Both Centre doors operational

  • Any damage to entrance

Fire Alarm System

  • Disabled light on

  • Power light on

  • Delays Active light on

  • Faults light on

  • Fire alarm system operational

  • List of isolated devices printed off

Officer Completion

  • Officer Name

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