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Car Park - Health and Safety

  • Public Lighting All Working

  • Pathways free of trip hazards and Defects

  • Roadways free of trips hazards and defects

  • Car Park venders in right location and area clean around them

  • Tesco trolley bays in working order

  • Car Park diversion signs in place, correct and clear to see

  • General signage free from defects

  • Grit bins secured and stocked

  • Contractor work permits in place

  • Contractor Compounds in a safe condition

Car Park - Landscape and appearance

  • Landscaping in good condition

  • Landscaping free from litter

  • Pathways free for litter

  • Roadways free for litter

  • Blue public bins empty and clean

  • Bollards, Lighting Columns free from defects

Security Systems

  • Car Park CCTV System operational and recording

  • Patrol Recording system operational and in use

  • Red/White drop barriers checked and secured

  • External patrol in place


  • First Aid supplies stocked and in date

  • First Aid Book Present

  • Daily Occurrence Book present and in control room

  • Site Grab bags checked

Albion Square

  • Lights in Order

  • Trip Hazards

  • Security issues


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