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Road Surface

  • Are potholes present?

  • Are the potholes significant enough to cause damage to the road or road users?

  • Can this be repaired internally?

  • Can this be reinstated with Cold-Mix bitumen?

  • Is Line Marking present in this road?

  • Is the line marking clear and visible?

  • Does the line marking need replacing?

  • Are RRPM’s required?

  • Add location


  • Does this road have kerbing?

  • Is the kerbing in good condition?

  • Can the kerb be repaired?

  • Does the kerb require replacing?

  • Is the damaged kerb a hazard to road users?

  • Can the kerb be removed?

  • Add location
  • Add media

Open Drains

  • Are open Drains present in this area

  • Are the clear of any debris or trash?

  • Are the Drains clear of excess vegetation?

  • Can the Drains be cleared internally?

  • Do the Drains need reshaping?

  • Add location
  • Add media

Closed (Under Ground Drains)

  • Are underground drains present?

  • Is a head wall present?

  • Is the drain concrete?

  • Is the drain HDPE?

  • Is the drain a pipe culvert?

  • Is the drain a box culvert?

  • Has the drain collapsed in any section?

  • Add media

  • Can the drain be repaired internally?

  • Add location

Street signs

  • Are street signs present?

  • Is the sign relevant?

  • Is the damaged?

  • Is the sign dirty?

  • Can the sign be repaired/cleaned?

  • Can the sign be removed?

  • Add media

  • Add location

Jetty & Boat ramps

  • Is the jetty/ramp damaged?

  • Is the jetty/tank dirty or graffitied?

  • Can the jetty/tamp be repaired?

  • Can the jetty/tamp be cleaned?

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