• Inspection Title

  • Document ID

  • Client / Site

  • Location
  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Property Inspected

  • Street/Road Number

  • Street/Road

  • Town

  • Locality

  • Property Category

Pool Details

  • Type of Pool

  • Pool Constructed

  • Pool Photograph

  • Pool Sketch (if required)

Pool Safety Checklist (all pools)

  • Is a child resistant barrier installed on site separating the pool from the house and the neighbourhood?

  • Is the outside pool fence at least 1.2m high all the way around?

  • Is the gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground and between all vertical fence palings less than 10cm apart?

  • Are all horizontal fence rails more than 90cm apart to eliminate footholds which may facilitate climbing?

  • Is the pool fence well maintained and in a good state of repair as an effective and safe barrier?

  • Is the gate release mechanism 1.5m above the ground level or alternatively, located inside the gate at 1.2m and covered by an approved shield?

  • Is the pool fence 1.2m clear of any objects such as BBQ's, trees, rocks etc. that could facilitate climbing over the fence?

  • Is the clothes line, BBQ or similar object not directly associated with the pool, located outside of the pool enclosure?

  • Are the openings in the walls of the residence or shed which form part of the child resistant barrier adequately secured to prevent entry into the enclosure?

  • Is there an appropriate resuscitation sign displayed in the immediate vicinity of the pool area?

  • Does the gate close and latch by itself from any open position and does the gate open outwards?

  • Other Notes

Exemptions for Doors and Windows (on properties where exemptions apply)

  • Are the locking mechanisms (eg. lock, latch, chain etc) installed on doors located at least 1.5m above the ground?

  • When locked, does the door have no openings greater than 10.5cm below 1.5m above floor level?

  • Windows have the bottom of the lowest opening panel of the window at least 1.2m above the finished floor level when closed?

  • Windows have no footholds wider than 10mm between the bottom of the lowest opening panel and at any point within 1.1m?

  • Other Notes

Inspection Details

  • Inspection Result

  • Council Inspection Officer

  • Inspection Performed

  • NOTE: This is not a "Compliance Certificate" issued under Part 4A of the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

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