• Document No.

  • Audit Type

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Contact

Inspection Details

  • File Number:

  • Date / Time of inspection:

  • Type of Inspection:

  • Pool Registered?

  • Type of Pool:

  • Age of Pool:

  • Address:
  • Contact / Person interviewed (Owner or Tennant):

  • Contact Number:

  • Property sketch:


  • Pool isolated from dwelling?

  • Fence Height (1.2m minimum):

  • Boundary fence height:

  • Construction material:

  • Condition of fence/s:

  • Horizontal members - 900mm & 1000/1100mm minimum (panels/steps/hinges):

  • Vertical members - 100mm max:

  • Bottom clearance from ground - 100mm max:

  • One metre clearance between pool and fence (advisory)

  • Fence obstruction/s - within 900mm arc outside fence:

  • Fence obstruction/s - within 300mm inside open fence:

  • Cyclone wire - 1.8m min


  • Height - 1.2m min:

  • Self closing:

  • Self latching:

  • Gate opening away from pool:

  • Gate release mechanism - 1.5m min A.G Level:

  • Or inside gate - 1.2m A.G.L to top of gate or hand hole:

  • 150mm below top of gate or away from hand hole:

  • 450mm shield radius from latch and top of fence:

  • 10mm maximum gaps:


  • Warning sign (including resuscitation chart):

  • Access to pool via dwellings/outbuilding/s:

  • Child Safe window/s - 1.2m; 100mm:

  • Fixed grille/s:

  • Door/s: 1.5m lock:

  • Proximity of Verandah/Deck/Balcony:

  • Water Quality maintained:

  • Spa lid latched, closed and locked:


  • Pool Compliant:

  • Re-Inspection required:

  • Re-Inspection Time:

  • Inspection completed by:

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