Please visit the site and purchase a bottle of wine. We will reimburse you up to the value of £15 but if you would like to buy a more expensive bottle then you may do so at your own cost. Remember to ask for a till receipt

Please read the questionnaire before the visit so you are aware of the questions that you need to answer

Please fill in the questionnaire as soon as you can after the visit while the information is fresh in your mind

Return the questionnaire along with a copy of the receipt within 2 days of the date of the visit

When you enter the shop please pay attention to the shelves, are they neat and tidy and fully stocked or are there gaps. Pay attention to how busy it is with staff and other customers

Retail Area

Were all the shelves fully stocked?

Did the stock look neat and tidy, facing forward and clean?

Were they clearly labelled and could you see the price easily?

Was it easy to navigate around the shop and find things you wanted?

Any comments


Was there anything on offer or advertised on the barrels at the end of the shelves?

If so what was it? Was it clearly signed?

Was there anything open to taste?

If so was it clear that it was open and available to sample?

Could you see any staff when you entered the shop?

What were they doing? Stocking shelves/in the office/cleaning/serving/chatting

Did anyone make contact with you, smile or acknowledge you?

As Bents is a slightly different set up to a usual shop we do not expect staff to approach everyone asap to offer help but please browse the shelves and then look around and try to get someone’s attention. If no one come over please find a Reserve staff member

How long were you browsing the shelves before a member of staff approached you? Under 30 seconds/30 seconds-1 minute/1-3 minutes/no one approached me

Were the staff smiling and engaging?

Did they ask you your budget?

Did they ask what style of wine you wanted? Red, white, heavy, light and crisp etc?

Did they ask what food you were cooking?

What did they recommend to you?

Did they seem knowledgeable about the wines?

Were they polite and chatty?

Were they wearing Reserve uniform (Burgundy Reserve T-Shirt)?

Did you get their name?

If no name please describe the member of staff using height, gender and hair colour

Any comments on the service?

At the till:

Did the till area look tidy and free from clutter?

When you paid at the till was it a quick and easy transaction?

At the till, did they ask your name?

Did they ask to take your details to add you to the mailing list?

Did they leave you with a parting thought/a product you might want to consider at your next visit?

Did they mention any tasting events they have coming up?

If no, please ask if they ever do tastings or events and comment on what their response was

Did they offer to wrap your purchase in paper?

Did they thank you for your purchase?

Did they say goodbye and wish you a good day? Please comment what was said:

Please add any comments here about the overall experience, anything that would have made the experience better and if you enjoyed the wine you purchased

Thank you for carrying out the mystery shopper. Please return this survey along with a photograph of the receipt to within 2 days of visiting the site