Cleaning: Bag Station
Result: A consistent clean club
Materials Needed: Broom, Back Pack Vacuum, Mop, Mop Bucket, Rejuvenal, Garbage Bags, Toilet Paper/Hand Towels (when needed)
Overall Accountability: Closer
Reporting Position: General Manager

The Audit Title (Example: Closing Cleaning Checklist 7-15-13) and today's date was entered correctly in the previous section. If this was not completed then hit previous section at bottom center of this screen to go back and complete.

Vacuum (Back Pack Vacuum) entire bag station area mats from front to rear.

Vacuum retail area (hard wood flooring)

Vacuum and/or sweep bathroom and shower floors. Move chairs, garbage can and cabinet to ensure all debris is removed.

Check all trash cans and consolidate trash into one bin and replace trash bags where needed. There should be no visible trash in any bin with the exception of a few items near the front desk. (Trash bins: Mens Bathroom, Women's Bathroom, Shower, and (2) under wipes dispensers.

Re-stock toilet paper dispensers, paper towel dispensers, hand soap dispensers, and shampoo dispensers in both restrooms and shower ensuring the morning staff is properly ready to deliver "IT" in the early morning class.

Fill mop bucket up to first indention in mop bucket using Rejuvenal (Pink Cleaning Solvent).

First, mop Mens & Women's bathrooms and shower.

Second, Mop the retail area including the mats behind the desk.

Last, mop all of bag stand mats from the front to the rear of the building. By now the staff member responsible for closing the financials should be able to assist you in the remaining mopping.

Empty mop bucket, rinse and hang mop and ensure all cleaning equipment/supplies have been properly put away in mop closet.

Do a final walk through the Club looking for any items left behind by members, loose debris, and/or anything else that may have been missed. Let your eyes roam to ensure we are ready deliver "IT" in the morning.

Enter your name and hit export (bottom right hand corner) to send email to GM of Club. Please indicate any supplies that are running low or any critical information he/she should be made aware of. Once email has been sent then hit Finish.
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