Operations: Opening Checklist
Result: Deliver a consistent product/experience to our members each and every visit.
Materials Needed: A cheerful attitude.
Overall Accountability: Opener
Reporting Position: General Manager

The Audit Title (Example: Opening Checklist 7-15-13) and today's date was entered correctly in the previous section. If this was not completed then hit previous section at bottom center of this screen to go back and complete.

To ensure staff safety ensure the doors were locked behind you prior to counting the cash drawer.

Turn on front computers (2).

Go to the office and count the cash drawer and properly complete the Cash Drawer Countdown Form.

If there is a discrepancy in the count compared to the prior shift's count then please indicate the error/discrepancy in the email/export sent to the General Manager.

Put the cash drawer in the drawer under the main computer.

Launch browser and login to Clear. (

Verify that the Speedbag software is running and the scanner is on. You should see a red punching bag in the lower left hand corner of your screen.

Under the Resources heading click on Cash Drawer. Please enter starting cash position.

Start the Sonos music system and turn on one of the approved playlists (Amazon Cloud) for play.

Turn on front and rear television's.

Front TV is set for instructional videos and or member communications.

The rear TV should be set to stream ESPN via the XBOX.

Turn on lights.

Check thermostats (front & rear) to ensure temperature setting is at 73 degrees.

Perform a walk through of the club to ensure that the club is up to our core standards (trash cans empties, cleanliness of club floors, paper products in restrooms are properly stocked, bathroom floors are free of debris/paper, sanitizer wipes stocked, etc, etc)

Unlock both front doors.

Check answering machine for voice mail messages. Using message pad please write down messages, contact name, number, reason for call, and indicate if the call was for a specific staff member. If prospect was calling for general information then communicate/delegate a return call for the mid-afternoon staff member.

Check appointment book for today's scheduled FSF's.

The Club and you are read to deliver "IT"! Go "Hit It Hard"!!!!!

Enter your name and hit export (bottom right hand corner) to send email to GM of Club. Please indicate any discrepancies in opening/closing cash drawer balance and/or critical information he/she should be made aware of. Once email has been sent then hit Finish.
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.