Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Routine checklist / Audit

School Details

  • IMIS number

  • School Name

  • Registered address

  • Principal name

  • Principal cell number

  • Nutrition Supervisor name

  • Nutrition Supervisor cell number

  • School telephone number

  • School email address

Kitchen Area

  • Piping neat and Tidy

  • Pipeline identified

  • Emergency isolation valve

  • Area clean and tidy

  • A window within 3 meters?

  • Does the pipe run within 150mm of Electrical cable?

Cage Area

  • Is there an existing cage?

  • Is the cage in a satisfactory condition?

  • Who installed the cage?

  • Safety signage present?

  • Is it neat and tidy?

  • Is there rubble stored inside the cage?

  • Please ask to remove in order to pass audit

Fire Extinguisher

  • Is there one on site?

  • Has it been serviced?

  • Please enter the last service date?

  • Please enter service date


  • Is the installation neat?

  • Are the pigtails in good condition?

  • How many needs to be replaced


  • Is signage in place?

  • Which ones should be replaced?

Training Register

Certificate of Conformity

  • Is there a certificate on display?

  • Please request a copy from installer

School Logbook

  • Please take a picture of the logbook entry that you made

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