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Start Up Checks


  • Telescopic Handler Manufactures Handbook

  • Current Thorough Examination In Date

On The Machine (Outside Of Cab)

  • Mirrors, clean, properly adjusted

  • Windows - Clean, wipers operational

  • Windshield Wipers - Arm And Rubber Blade Intact

  • Forks - No Damage, No Cracks, Misalignment, Check Welds

  • Safety Locking Pins In Place And Secure

  • Warning/safety signs visible

  • Tyres - Pressures OK, No Damage, No Bulges

  • Wheels - Loose Lugs Bolts, Bent Rims, Cracks

  • Differentials - Free From Oil Leaks, No Cracks In Housing

  • Guards And Covers - No Damage, In Place

  • Steps/handrails/handholds - No Damage, Cleanliness

  • Stabiliser Arms , Cylinders, Pads - Free From Damage, Oil Leaks, Cylinder Rod, Missing Bolts

  • Overall Machine - Loose Or Missing Nuts & Bolts, Loose Guards, Damaged Parts, Cleanliness

Engine Compartment

  • Fluid levels OK – Engine Oil

  • Fluid levels OK – Engine Coolant

  • Fluid levels OK – Hydraulic Oil

  • Air Filter - Restriction Indicator

  • Battery / Terminals - Cable Connections, Water, Clean - No Corrosion

  • Radiator - Fin Blockage, Leaks, Cleanliness

  • All Hoses - Cracks, Wear Spots, Leaks

  • All Belts - Tightness, Wear, Cracks, Delamination

  • Overall Engine Compartment - Trash or Dirt Buildup, Leaks

Inside The Cab

  • ROPS or FOPS - Damage, Loose Bolts

  • Seat - Adjustment, Pedal Travel

  • Seat Belt & Mounting - Damage, Wear, Adjustment, Age Of Install, Manufacture Date

  • Fire extinguisher full and in test period

  • Horn, Backup Alarm, Lights, Wipers, Washers - Proper Function

  • Controls, Guage Lenses - Proper Function, Cleanliness

  • Overall Cab - Interior Cleanliness

  • Is The Equipment Safe To Operate?

  • Please advise Supervisor IMMEDIATELY

  • Please proceed to the next section.

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