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General For Fixed and Portable Ladders

  • Loose steps or rungs (can be moved by hand)

  • Loose Nails, screws, bolts, or other materials.

  • Cracked, split, or broken uprights, braces, steps. or rungs.

  • Slivers on uprights, rungs, or steps.

  • Rungs, cleats, and steps are uniformly spaced at 12” (+/-2”)

  • Rungs/steps missing.

  • Rungs/steps on metal ladders corrugated or knurled.

  • Free from grease, oil, or slippery materials.

  • Wooden parts free from splinters, cracks, decay.

  • Wooden ladders cannot have opaque coatings.

  • Joints between rungs and side rails tight (cannot be moved by hand)

  • Movable parts operate freely.

  • Damaged or worn non-slip bases.

  • Rails free from cracks/splitting.

  • Loose nails/screws.

Step Ladders

  • Wobbly (from loose or worn parts when in the open position)

  • Do not exceed 20 feet in length.

  • Loose or bent hinge spreaders.

  • Broken stop on hinge spreaders.

  • Sharp edges on spreaders.

  • Loose hinges.

Extension Ladders

  • Loose, broken, or missing extension locks.

  • Defective locks that do not seat properly when ladder is extended.

  • Frayed or worn rope.

  • Single section ladders do not exceed 30 feet in length.

  • Two-section extension ladders do not exceed 48 feet in length (metal ladders) or 60 feet in length (wood ladders)

  • Ladders with more than two sections do not exceed 60 feet in length.


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