TFSNZ Monthly First Aid Kit Report

  • TFSNZ Monthly First Aid Kit Report

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  • Location of First Aid Kit

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First Aid Kit Report

  • First Aid Booklet. Present in the kit?

  • Note Book and Pen. Present in the kit?

  • Plasters. (40pk) Present in kit?

  • Dressing strip 7.5cm x 1m. (1pk) Present in kit?

  • Adhesive Tape. (1pk) Present in kit?

  • Omnistrip Skin Closures. (5pk) Present in kit?

  • Triangular bandage. (2pk) Present in kit?

  • Safety Pins. (12pk) Present in kit?

  • Wound Dressing No.15. (1pk) Present in kit?

  • Combine Dressing 10x9cm. (1pk) Present in kit?

  • Crepe bandage 5cm. (1pk) Present in kit?

  • Antiseptic Wipes (Non Alcohol). (6pk) Present in kit?

  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves. (1pr) Present in kit?

  • CPR Face Shield. (1pk) Present in kit?

  • Thermal Rescue Blanket. (1pk) Present in kit?

  • Stainless Steel Scissor. (1) Present in kit?

  • AIDS/Hepatitus Warning Label. (1) Present in kit?

  • Minigrip First Aid Bag. In good condition?

  • Note any concerns or necessary replacements, etc here

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