• TFSNZ Safety Site Audit V1.0

  • Team Name

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Conducted on


  • Has a JSA form been completed?

  • Has each employee completed a Take 5 or Personal Pre Start

  • Have all employees been inducted on to the SHEWMS? Has SHEWMS been updated? Has it been resigned every 3 months?

  • Does the team have a valid TMP on site?

  • Does the team have adequate work plans on site?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are employees all wearing the minimum required PPE for this particular task?

  • Is there a Fire Extinguisher on site? Has it been checked in the last year?

  • Is there a First Aid kit on site? Has it been checked in the last 6 months?

Vehicles and mobile Plant

  • Do vehicles have a current WOF?

  • Are all vehicle services up to date?

  • Are all vehicles Fit for purpose?

  • Are all vehicles road worthy?

Site Layout

  • Which Traffic plan has been implemented?

  • Has the above traffic plan been implemented correctly?

  • Is there adequate space allowed for safe work area/exclusion zone? Has this area been adequately coned off/barricaded?

  • Has pedestrian access or pathways been adequately controlled/laid out?


  • Do the employees understand the task they are undertaking and the risksd involved?

  • Are employees adequately trained and prepared for tasks they are undertaking?

  • Employee general attitude to safety for this particular task?

  • Do employees have the required tools for the task? Are all tools fit for purpose and in good condition?

Signature of employees

  • Signature of each employee

  • Signature
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Signature of Auditor

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