Time of arrival
Beverage order placed
Beverage order received
Meal order placed
Meal order received
Amount of Guest
Bill Total
Time of leaving
1.0 Exterior appearance

1.1 Is the store branded appropriately

1.2 Was the exterior clean and inviting

1.3 Was the lighting adequate, clean and operational

Score out of 6
2.0 Internal appearance and Ambiance

2.1 Was the store inviting

2.2 Lights are in working order and free from dust

2.3 Number of customers in the Restaurant / Cafe

2.4 Was the ventilation appropriate

2.5 Number of visible staff

2.6 Table positioning is orderly and provides ample walking and wheel chair access

2.7 Background music is appropriate and at the correct level

Score out of 10
3.0 Service

3.1 Where you Acknowledge with a smile or greeting upon arrival

3.2 How long before you where acknowledge

3.3 Did the wait person introduce themselves

3.4 Did the wait person take a beverage order upon seating

3.5 Were the children offered any form of entertainment

3.6 Was your meal order taken within a timely manner

3.7 Did your waitperson read back your order

3.8 Were you asked if your meals are satisfactory during your meal

Score out of 14
4.0 Beverages

4.1 Was your coffee free from bitterness and acidity

4.2 Was your coffee smooth ,rich and full of flavour

4.3 Did you receive what you had ordered

4.4 Did your beverages arrive with the appropriate clean glassware

4.5 Were you asked for a second drink order prior or during your meal

4.6 Did you receive your beverage order in a timely manner

Score out of 12
5.0 Food

5.1 Where you offered any sides or up sells to your meal

5.2 Did you receive what you had ordered

5.3 Are the meal reflective of what you ordered from the menu

5.4 Was you meal received in a timely manner

5.5 Did the correct cutlery arrive clean prior to the meal

5.6 Was the meal presented well

5.7 Was your meal received at the correct temperature

5.8 Was your empty plates cleared in a timely manner

5.9 Was desserts offered after your meal

Score out of 18
6.0 Restrooms

6.1 Restrooms Floors, Walls, Ceiling are clean and in good repair.

6.2 Trash cans are lined cleaned and emptied

6.3 Hand basins are clean and in working order.

6.4 Soap dispensers are clean stocked and in working order

6.5 Toilets and urinals are clean and in working order

6.6 Area if free from odors

Score out of 12
7.0 Staff, Appearance, Awareness

7.1 Was the staff friendly

7.2 Was the staff dressed appropriately in full uniform

7.3 Was the staff attentive to their guest

7.4 Was the staff knowledgable about the menu

7.5 Was the staff aware of The Coffee Club current promotions

Score out of 10
Signature of Mystery shopper
Mystery Shop Total Score