All personnel have been IUCSAT verified?

Each employee has received Hagerman safety orientation and all paperwork completed?

An Occupational Health Clinic is set- up for injured employees and drug screens?

Required jobsite postings (OSHA postings, Labor Law, etc)?

Emergency numbers / contacts posted?

Emergency action plan posted / up to date?

The Hagerman Group Corporate Safety & Health Manual on site?

MSDS on site for products being used/ 3E Poster/Decals posted?

Field Safety Training Completed and roster Submitted to office?

First aid kit onsite and adequately stocked?

Fire extinguishers?


Work areas kept clean and orderly?

Break areas kept clean and orderly?

Storage areas kept clean and orderly?

Gas cans / cylinders stored properly with fire extinguishers present?

Adequate lighting?

Jobsite free of slips, trips and fall hazards?

Jobsite signs posted (Hard hat, safety glasses, no smoking, no trespassing, etc.)?


GFCI Protection being utilized?

Hand tools in good working order?

Electric cords with damaged insulation, splices or missing ground pins removed from service?

All mechanical safeguards in use?

Handles not broke / splinter free?

Saws have blade guard in place, and it is not disabled?

Mortar Mixer grill guard in place and in the down position while in operation?


All Forklift Operators have been certified and trained?

Brakes, lights, signals, and alarms operative?

Daily inspections filled out?

Seat belts worn?

Aerial lift (JLG) Harnesses and lanyards being used?

Scissor Lift : Safety chain is in use?

Cranes - proper setup including distance to power lines?

Cranes - ground conditions verified and safe for operation (underground wells, vaults, etc.)?

Cranes- swing radius protected - level?

Rigging equipment inspected - tag showing?


Ladders in good condition?

Side rails extend 36 inches above landing?

Proper for job and secure?

Step ladders are opened up and locked into place?

Placement of ladder safe?

Stair Towers being used if scaffold structures over (2) Scaffold Bucks High?


Fall Protection on all scaffold on all scaffold above 6 feet?

Was scaffold assembled by a "Competent Person?

Top Rail is 42 inches (+/- 3 ) with a mid rail half way in between?

Guardrails/protection installed on all open ends of scaffolds?

Is there a scaffold tag and has it been inspected?

Work surface is is fully planked (minimum width 18 inches) and level?

All scaffolds plumb and level?

Scaffold plank are not damaged?

Are adequate sills and base plates being used?

Work side of the scaffold is no more than 14 inches away from the wall?

Are scaffold planks installed past their end supports no less than 6 inches and no more than 12 inches?

Maximum extension for screw jacks is 18 inches?

To protect from falling objects, are toe boards installed or barricades installed?

Toe boards at least 3 1/2 inches in height?

Are pigtails in place to prevent uplift?

Is fall protection being used in areas where required

Is their a safe access ladder, steps or equivalent means for safe access to the scaffold

Is the scaffold rated for the proper weight capacity

Scaffold is secured every 30 inches horizontally and 24 inches vertically against movement if taller than 4 times its base width?

Is the competent person performing daily scaffold inspections?


Are hot work permits required?

Fire extinguishers immediately available and inspections current?

Propane tanks - barricade installed - labeled -( flammable,no smoking, fuel type)

Compressed gas cylinders secured- upright- protected from damage

Cutting torch (tanks secured, hoses, etc.)


Hard hats worn

Eye protection being worn and adequate for the work activity

Face shields being used where required

Gloves being worn and adequate for the work activity

Welding hoods being worn in conjunction with safety glasses

Safety harness and lanyards utilized with adequate anchorage points

Hearing protection

Respirators and masks utilized, when needed

High visible clothing in use by all personnel?


A "Limited Access Zone" (LAZ) is in place in front of masonry wall under construction and is 4' deeper than height of wall?

Only Hagerman employees building the wall are allowed in the LAZ?

Walls over 8' are braced against collapse until supported by permanent structure?

Exposed rebar/bolts are covered, bent over, cut off, etc. to prevent implement?


Subs wearing proper PPE

All subs using safe practices

Site Safety Inspection Report Completed By:
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.