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Perimeter fencing/security

  • Gates in good condition and secured using locks of the correct security level?

  • Appropriate signage in place & in good condition - Seqwater, security signage?

  • No holes in fences or other defects that would compromise site security

  • Are buildings/equipment on site adequately protected to prevent access/theft/damage?

Site Grounds

  • Any rubbish or other matter that needs to be removed from site

  • Grounds maintenance (grass level, gardens,weeds )?

  • Site roads in good condition?

  • Storm water drains clear of vegetation and other matter?

  • Any weeds of concern within site (declared pest)?

  • Any sediment control issues?eg soil erosion

  • Pit lids seated properly not protruding?

  • Any offensive graffiti on site?

  • Are there any slip/trip hazards within the grounds that pose a serious safety risk?

  • Rubbish skips emptied regularly, lids kept shut?

  • Any other safety or environmental hazards within the grounds?eg Chemical Spills

Building Structures

  • Is there any damage to the Interior/Exterior of Buildings/Structures ?

  • Doors to Facilities secure & in good condition?

  • Appropriate safety signage displayed to outline requirements? Eg hearing protection,safety glasses.

  • Walkways clear of rubbish & obstructions, slip/trips?

  • Floor surfaces free from slip/trips?

  • Adequate lighting in buildings?

  • Stairs, handrails, ladders, kick boards, barriers in good condition & installed where required?

  • Fall arrest systems in good order, tested and tagged?

  • Electrical switchboards secured? (Non distribution)

  • Emergency Exit Lights in place and working?

  • Emergency exit doors easily opened from the inside, not obstructed?

  • Fire extinguishers/hoses/equipment located in prominent locations,signed, tested & in good condition?

  • Any other Safety/Environmental hazards present?


  • Electrical equipment in good condition and tested?

  • All moving parts on equipment appropriately guarded?

  • Emergency stops in good condition & easily accessible?

  • Warnings or instructions displayed on equipment?

  • Overhead crane in good condition & SWL displayed with test certificate in date?

  • Lifting equipment (Chain, slings) in good condition & tagged in date?

  • Any equipment/machinery generating excessive noise?

  • No broken plugs,sockets,switches?

  • Equipment/material stored correctly?

  • Generator secured & in good condition?

  • Any other Safety & Environmental hazards associated with any equipment/machinery on site?

Chemical storage

  • Leak detection systems in place & operational? (ammonia,chlorine gas)

  • Appropriate PPE available & in good condition & stored correctly?

  • SCBA equipment in good condition, tested & easily accessible?

  • Emergency shower/eyewash stations functional & tested before use?

  • Chemical storage tanks in good condition & appropriately labelled?

  • Chemical pipe work in good condition,not leaking & appropriately labelled?

  • Bund drain valves closed & locked?

  • Chemical bunds in good condition,not overflowing?

  • Chemicals stored correctly?

  • No evidence of leaking pipes/pumps in rooms?

  • Spill Kits available & no stock missing?

  • Locks installed on drain valves?

  • Chemical unloading bunds in good condition?

  • Drains in Chemical Unloading Bays free from rubbish & other matter?

  • Spill tanks correctly labelled & labels in good condition?

  • Wind direction sock in place & in good condition?

  • Hazmat Box located at the main entrance/exit/emergency entrance?

  • Hazmat Box in good condition & kept up to date with required information?

  • Any other Safety/Environmental hazards associated with the Chemical storage at site?

Pest Control

  • No evidence of pest activity in structures on site? (eg droppings,smear marks,pest damage)

  • Buildings/huts on site kept clean to prevent the attraction to pests?(eg food scraps rubbish)

  • Building design does not allow the harbourage & entry of pests to the building?(eg holes gaps)

Emergency preparedness

  • Emergency plan, procedures,contacts & telephone numbers displayed?

  • Are First Aid Kits available & appropriate for the Facility?

  • First Aid Kits have a Green Tag on? If no green tag need to raise a Hazard Report.

  • Are First Aid Kits easily accessible & identified?


  • Site entry log available & being completed?

  • Emergency Exit lighting test book available & being completed as required?

  • Evidence of RCD testing on site?

  • SDS folder available for every Chemical/Hazardous Materials on site and up to date?

Water quality

  • Has online water quality test equipment been calibrated & calibrations record on signed record sheets?

  • Have bench top and portable water quality test instruments been checked & calibrated,record on signed record sheet?

  • Have use-by dates been recorded on opened reagents,buffers & standards?

  • Are reagents, buffers & standards within their use-by dates

  • Are reagents, buffers & standards stored appropriately, in cupboards/refrigerators?

  • Are Water Quality test results recorded on test result sheets & signed?


  • Note Positive Observations:


  • Note Observations to be rectified by WHEN and WHO !

  • Provide a sketch of the area of concern if applicable to support findings

  • Person that completed inspection signature

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