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Tool Box Compliance Audit

Tool Box Compliance Criteria

  • Is the tool box ID on the exterior surface with program/cost center or work center?

  • Are the tool box checklists attached to the exterior of tool box?

  • Is the Tool Box Compliance Tip Sheet with the tool box?

Certified Tools

  • Are certified tools current?

  • Are the joint seals and certification stickers intact and legible?


  • Are production parts stored in the tool box?

  • Are uncontrolled, unidentified or mixed standards in the tool box?

  • Are flammable materials stored in the tool box?

  • Are hazmat materials stored in the tool box (used Rymple cloth, paint containers, used paint brushes, sealer etc.)

  • Are non-conforming materials stored in the tool box?

  • Is shim stock stored in the tool box?

  • Are there excessive amounts of perishable tools/shop supplies?

  • Are shop aides identified properly?

  • Are contents organized (tools shadowed) within drawers?

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