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  • Are the stock managed First In First Out (FIFO) and First Expiry First Out (FEFO) principles?

  • Is the Best Before Date used to rotate unpacked stock?

  • For bottled carbonated soft drink, is a Drink By Code used to replenish and rotate stock on shelves?

  • For can product and stills, is the Best Before Date used to rotate stock on shelves?

  • Are products with the lowest Drink By Code placed in fast selling shelves, zones or channels?

  • Are products storedin cool dry areas away from direct sunlight and cold chain product stored at optimal temperature range?

  • Are cramped storage areas avoided? Are stocks well ventilated?

  • Are products never stored or transported with non-food products?

  • Are products stored in clean and tidy areas that are free of pests?

  • Are products stored and handled to minimize product damage?

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