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  • Are the stocks managed using First In First Out (FIFO) or First Expiry First Out (FEFO) principles?

  • Is a DWN used on pallet labels to rotate palletized stock?

  • Is the Best Before Date used to rotate part pallet stock?

  • Are the stocks dispatched only with a DWN later than the current week? only stocks released by QA?

  • Are pallets stored without lean or overhang and are within stacking height rules?

  • Are products protected from direct sunlight and excessive heat? Cold Chain product stored at optimal temperature range?

  • Are products never stored or transported with non-food products?

  • Quarantine and/or hold stock are not used unless cleared by the quality department?

  • Are products stored in clean and tidy areas that are free of pests?

  • Are products handled and stored to minimize product damage?

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