Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Job no.


  • Time on site

  • Time off site

  • Lead engineer

  • Engineers onsite

  • Have you read, UNDERSTOOD & signed your RAMS?

  • What PER have you worked in?


  • Are there any known issues from previous works? Please detail

  • Are all previous issues resolved? Please detail resolutions

  • Are all PDU's live? Please detail if any are not live

  • Are all Switches in existing stack live?

  • Detail any issues on existing switch stack.

  • Are all existing switches on the new stack live?

  • Detail any issues on new switch stack.

  • DAY 1 ONLY - Has a full VLAN verification of the new switch stack been undertaken including POE outputs where relevant?<br>

  • Detail any issues from VLAN verification.

  • Are there any brand networks affected by tonight's works?

  • Have affected brands been made aware of any disruption to their network?

  • Please detail any brands affected.

Racks, managements & accessories

  • Have you installed any frames, fixed and levelled off?<br>

  • How many frames have you installed?

  • Are the frames earth bonded?

  • Have you installed any vertical management sections, fixed and levelled off?

  • How many vertical management sections have you installed?

  • Have you installed any ladder racks between the wall and any new frames, correctly fixed to the wall and the frame, using runway plate to fix the frame?

  • How many ladder racks have you installed?

  • Have you installed any PDU's, using the correct C-IP mounting brackets?<br>

  • How many PDU's have you installed?

Migration works

  • How many panels have been migrated in this shift?

  • Details of panels migrated. panel no. level & outlet no.s

  • Have test results from length tests been saved and uploaded?

  • Have all voice circuits been tested and ext. no's recorded?

  • Have all old patches been recorded?

  • Have all new patches been recorded?

  • Have all patch leads and baluns been checked to be securely inserted?

  • Is all brand hardware still active?

  • Has any hardware been migrated in this shift?

  • What hardware has been migrated?

  • Have any fibre panels been migrated in this shift?

  • What fibre panels have been migrated?

  • Insert images of completed works.

Shift Sign off

  • Is all waste removed from site and PER left clean and tidy

  • Is there any other information you need to let operations/office know?

  • Do you require any other information?

  • Any materials required?

  • Have you handed over to A.M support - Lead engineers signature.

  • A.M. Support engineers signature

  • Appendix- please upload images of PER, Frames and any other works or images to support the report.

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