Trailer inspection

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  • Conducted on

  • Conducted by

  • Location


  • Take photo of registration plate and registration label

  • Photograph of trailer being inspected


  • All wheel nuts are secure?

  • Tyre tread condition?

  • Side wall of the tyre damage free?

  • Spare wheel present?

  • Dust caps on hubs?

GENERAL VEHICLE CHECK (Take photos of any noted damage)


  • All lights are operational?

  • All damage is identified?

  • All dangerous items are secured to prevent injury in the event of accident or roll over?

  • Safety chain and shackle secure?

  • Brakes if fitted are operational?

  • Condition of trailer floor?

  • Jockey wheel safe?

  • Condition of trailer hitch?

  • Electrical pin connection in good condition?

  • Tailgate locking mechanism condition?

Service check

  • Attach Photos of damages

  • 12 month inspection has been completed?

  • Is there excessive play in wheel bearings?

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