Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

    Chart UR Number
  • MRN number of chart audited


  • The staff member who has high disinfected the nonlumen medical device is Tristel Wipe Competent

  • Staff member has not used Tristel wipes in > 6 months

  • Staff member has not used Tristel wipes in > 12 months

  • Has documented evidence of processing a minimum of 4 nonlumen medical devices per month to maintain their skill

  • Evidence found but not up to date


  • Device details and Serial number complete

  • No Serial Number

  • No device details

  • Date and Time processed complete

  • No Time

  • No Date

  • Incorrect information

Pre - Cleaning

  • Tristel PreClean Wipe used

  • Lot number and Use by date complete

  • No use by date

  • No lot number

Sporicidal Wipe

  • Two pumps of activator foam was used

  • Only one pump

  • Step missed

  • Scrunching of wipe with activator foam for 15 clock seconds

  • Step missed

  • Disinfection remaining on medical device for minimum of 30 clock seconds

  • Step missed

  • Traceability label has been completed with activator foam lot number and affixed to tracking book

  • No Label

  • Labels incorrect

  • Labels illegible

Rinsing Method

  • Tristel Rinse Wipe used

  • Lot number and Use by date complete

  • No use by date

  • No lot number

Destination Device

  • If device stored was patient’s notes label (from sporicidal sachet) affixed to storage box

  • Wrong labels

  • If device stored, was storage container cleaned, tracking book stamped with signature of person who has completed this

  • Tracking book not stamped

  • Signature of person not in book

  • If device used for a patient, patient label has been affixed to tracking book and Patient’s Notes Label has been affixed to intraop report

  • No label in Pt's notes

  • Sticker not correctly affixed to intra-op report

  • No Patient label affixed to tracking book


  • Person who has cleaned highly disinfected device has printed and signed their name

  • No printed name

  • No date

  • No time

  • No Signature


  • Device has been microbiologically tested within the past 3 months (IF required)

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