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Overall Health

  • Are you medically fit to conduct a CCR dive today

  • Are you of sound mind to conduct a CCR dive today


  • Oxygen Tank - Check Content

  • Oxygen Tank - Check Preassure

  • CMF Check - Close O2 valve and count time to drop 10 Bar - should be 10 seconds

Diluant and Bailout

  • Dilluent and Bailout Tank(s) - Check Content - O2% and He%

  • Diluent & Bailout Tank(s) - Check Preassure

PPO (Monox) Display

  • Check Battery Plug

  • Turn on Display

  • Battery Check

  • Check calibration in Air (0.21-0.21-0.21 at sea level)

  • If sensors don't align as above - calibrate in Air

Shearwater Computer

  • Turn on Shearwater

  • Battery Check

  • Check calibration in air (0.21-0.21-0.21 at sea level)

Scrubber Canister

  • Filling of Canister done correctly

  • 2 internal canister O-rings control

  • Close + Canister Markings

  • Canister positive and negative leak tests

Counter Lungs

  • Exhale Counter-lung fitting

  • Inhale Counter-lung fitting - check no water is present in the lung

  • Canister / Counter-lung Connection


  • Mouthpiece & Mushroom Valves Visual Control

  • Check Mushroom valves

  • Positive and Negative Loop Pressure Test

  • Conduct Loop Flow Gas Test

  • Loop / Counter-lung connection

Gas Line

  • ADV / Exhale Counter-lung Connection

  • Tank / First stage connection


  • Cells housing / inhale counter-lung connection

Positive / Negative Pressure Check

  • Positive test (counter-lung position control) 2 min

  • Negative test 2 min


  • Oxygen flush calibration check - if required, calibrate

  • PpO2 display calibration

  • Shearwater calibration (required when sensors didn't align in air)

  • Ensure all monitors agree, otherwise re-calibrate

BCD & ADV Check

  • BCD and ADV connection

  • BCD and ADV operating control


  • Complete 5 minute Pre-Breathe


  • Conduct Pre-Dive Safety Check

  • Undertake O2 Flush at 5m - Check Cells

  • Open Dill Valve and complete Dill Flush

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