Flight Preperation

Flight Preperation

  • Flight Card Detail

  • Contact details entered

  • 8 point check completed accurately and signed on provisional loadsheet

  • Contact number displayed on provisional loadsheet

  • PPE and Uniform Standards

  • Relevant equipment (IPad, TRIP pen, phone)

  • TRM hat or tabard with red flashes worn

  • Aircraft chocked and coned in accordance with SOP

  • FOD cleared from stand and Jetty?

Section Overview


Loading Briefing

  • Confirm TOBT and expected doors closure

  • Confirm LIR edition

  • Confirm dead load positions and potential obstacles

  • Confirm OPDEF's

Cabin Crew Briefing

  • Confirm TOBT

  • Confirm passenger load

  • Confirm specials accurately

  • Confirm catering figure (short haul only)

  • Confirm curtain row divider (short haul only)

  • Confirm expected boarding time

  • Confirm fuelling in progress and secondary egress

  • Confirm OPDEF's

  • Confirm crew config

Flight crew Briefing

  • Confirm TOBT

  • Confirm fuel figure

  • Confirm slot

  • Confirm de-icing details

  • Confirm EZFW

  • Check BW & index

PSU Briefing

  • Confirm TOBT

  • Confirm expected boarding time

  • Confirm specials

  • Confirm hand baggage scrutiny

  • Confirm with node RTAD items and expectation

Baggage Briefing

  • Confirm TOBT

  • Confirm HOS closure and expected delivery time to A/C

  • Confirm any expected gate baggage

  • Confirm red bags

Section Overview


Expectations during departure

  • Confirm fuel figure with re-fueller and radio number

  • Jetty and PIDS screens correct

  • Board on time?

  • Partial's sent

  • Jetty removed in a timely manner (Dual Jetty Boarding Only)

  • CGOT?

  • PCA disconnected in accordance with process

  • TOB confirmed with gate team

  • TOB confirmed with Cabin Crew

Section Overview

Post Departure

Load Confirmation

  • Confirm final load with Loading Team Leader

  • Cross check LIR details against CLC instruction and ensure AAA requirements are met.

  • NOTOC signed

  • AAA form signed before pushback

  • Supplementary Information accurate and relevant. (Includes water, RTAD, crew config, Ready for ACARS etc)

  • Final LC sent within agreed target

  • DVR delivered in contingency

  • CLC called to confirm receipt

  • Firearm / Fuel signal sent

Delay allocation

  • TOBT kept up to date

  • Was the departure delayed?

  • Delay passed to Airport Centre?

  • Delay passed to owning department?

  • Delay information clearly and accurately reflected on TRM card?

Section Overview

Behaviours / PM


  • Acts as a role model?

  • Visible?

  • Accountable?

  • Displays integrity?


  • Decision making?

  • Resilience?

  • Motivator?

  • Positive influences?

  • Aware of impact to other areas. Makes judged decisions as a result??

  • Coaching / mentoring / feedback?

  • Assertiveness?

  • Challenges effectively?

Planning & Operations

  • Seeks information and clarity?

  • Operational knowledge?

  • Time management / departure and punctuality protection?

  • Anticipation / Thinking ahead / Adapting to change

Relationship Building and Communications

  • Open and Honest

  • Effective communicator at all levels?

  • Team player?

  • Shares knowledge?



  • TRM

  • TSM

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