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UCG Connect - Quality Checklist Form - This is a "Mandatory Checklist Form" that must be filled out for all fibre ready and connection activities completed for an End User.


  • "Splice Tray" labelled with Brother Label Maker?

  • "Fibre Management" to standard as per NGA Task Book

  • Lid is locked and secure

  • Photos of Label, fibre management and any MD seals/caps.

Cabinet End Configuration:

  • Splitter leg is managed via applicable madrels and correctly paired with "D" side fibre tray?

  • ABF managed to standard as per NGA Task Book?

  • Data card accurately updated in pencil?

  • Cabinet in functioning order (i.e. Locks, doors, stays)?

  • Photo supplied of work in Cabinet

Boundary Connection

  • Photo supplied of boundary joint (Buried, Hand Hole, Pedestal)

  • Add photo

Pathway to premises

  • Aerial Route

  • Surface Mount

  • Trenching

  • MDU Pathway

  • Photos of work

FTP Install:

  • Photo supplied with the lid off showing fibre management and wiring integration.

  • Photo of the FTP at 300mm height and another photo of trace wire / Copper ends capped

ONT/ITP - Full view showing ONT/ITP and label view (height above floor)

  • Fibre Management to standard as per NGA Task Book?

  • Wiring integration completed for all other working jack points?

  • Add media


  • Have I completed all soft surface reinstatements.

  • Has a minimum of a temporary reinstatement been made for hard surface.

  • Photos of reinstatements


  • Techmate Test ID:

  • Does commit due date match techmate test date?

  • Contact the Dispatch Centre on 0800 824 776 to have your job rescheduled.

Customer Experiance and Documentation Completed:

  • Customer premises left clean and tidy?

  • SiteTrax notes updated with actions completed?

  • Correct Billing codes captured on docket and SiteTrax?

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