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Chorus Service Experience (CSE)

  • Have the surveyor contacted the customer?

  • Have the surveyor discussed the proposed work to the customer?

  • Have the surveyor dropped the Survey letter drops under the LAR reform?

Health & Safety

  • Have the Surveyor signed onto site & completed a daily safety sheet prior to commencing with the survey?

  • Have the Surveyor identified if Asbestos is present in the building?

  • Inquire with the site contact/owner if any is present and if they have an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP). Also find a website link of WorkSafe act AMP requirements below.

  • Have the Surveyor identified if any Elevated Work Platform is required?

  • Identify EWP equipment required; Scissor Lift, Berm Lift or Scaffolding.

  • Have the Surveyor identified if the building is of Heritage significance?

  • Inquire with the site contact/owner or checking via the website link below.

  • Have the Surveyor captured if any work will require an Arborist?

  • Work being carried out under the drip line of any trees/vegetation - Drip Line pictured below.

  • Have the Surveyor identified if a TMP is required for work to be carried out on a Level 2 Road?

  • Spreadsheet can be used to identify Auckland only road levels TTMCL (Temporary Traffic Management Carriageway Levels), Can be downloaded from the below website link under other useful documents. All other regions can be discussed with your Field Manager.

  • Have the Surveyor identified any site specific Health & Safety risks or requirements?

Survey Pack

  • Have the Surveyor had all plans provided on-site with him? NETMAP, Underground, CDP, Survey Plan - Hard Copy or on a Tablet Device

  • Have the Surveyor confirmed if their is a feasible & existing lead-in duct?

  • Have the Surveyor identified the UFB drop off location?

  • Have the Surveyor identified the correct UFB design methodology? Aerial or Underground

Survey Requirements

  • Have the Surveyor confirmed the EUP count & unique addressing?

  • Unique addressing should be highlighted on the Birds Eye view design & also provide photographic evidence for example Letterboxes, Directory Boards and Signage's.

  • Have the Surveyor proposed for any outside boundary civil?

  • Have the Surveyor clearly identify where civil is required,surface type and the area(measurements) of reinstatement required?

  • Have the Surveyor identified & proved(Rod) the lead-in duct?

  • Have the Surveyor surveyed the whole MDU/ROW extent, as highlighted in the Survey Plan?

  • Have the Surveyor investigated clear pathways & FTP/2F/ITP/J-BOX locations for all EUP's and are these locations feasible for the connect team to complete the install?

  • Have the Surveyor captured clear landscape photos to indicate the proposed pathways?

  • Close up Photos are only used for clear instructions where certain work is unique to the customer demands.

Coaching Anaylsis

  • Have you as a Field Manager coached on any Survey Requirement or Standard to the Surveyor? If the answer is YES please describe in detail what coaching has been provided.

  • Have you as a Surveyor have any coaching or training requirements which you are interested in? If the answer is YES please describe in detail what training or coaching is the Surveyor requesting.

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  • Signing of this Q&A is for record keeping that everything on-site has been discussed for coaching purposes and improvement plans for UCG to ensure the quality of our Surveyors are of an excellent standard,

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