Overall Summary

Tools Check:

Mandatory Tools and Equipment

Micro-Duct cutter

Tri Wing screwdriver

Fibre Sharps disposal can

Fibre Optic Stripper (Chorus approved)

Kevlar scissors (preferable millers)

Fibre connector cleaner

Fibre Fusion Splicer

Splicer Serial Number

Power Meter

Fibre Inspection Probe (FIP Tester)

FIP Serial Number

Air Compressor - For fibre blowing

Compressor Serial Number - if has one

10m Air compressor rubber hose

Ericsonn Blowing Gun

Blow Gun Serial Number

Power Generator / Invertor

Serial number or evidence of equipment

Heavy Duty Power extension lead

P-touch label machine or similar

100m Push Rod (6mm) with metal end in good condition

Multi-duct ratchet cutter

Double Sheath cutter (26-way cutter) - depth control

Bosch Power detector/locator OR similar (simple hand stick not acceptable)

Screw Driver Set

Crimping Tool UR/UY/UG - Scotch Locks

Punch Down Tool - 110 and Krone

Drill - hand held (preferable 18v cordless)

Drill Bit - Auger 8mm for wood drilling

Drill Bit - Concrete/ masonary 8mm

Culking Gun - (For Gel - silicone seal)

Concrete Saw Blade 10mm & Disposable Grout Bags for reinstatement

Grafting spade

Trenching shovel Long handle

Hammer Claw Unison 20oz

Plastic Water Container - 20L

Measuring Wheel

Rake - Steel

Trench Tamper - Rammer

Brush - Broom

Manhle Keylifter - Combination Lifter

Manhole lifter - Sika blue lift

Step ladder

6 meter extention ladder

Hard Hat with Chin Strap (acceptable condition)

Pole safety belt (Lanyard)

Harness suitable for pole work

Fire Retardent Overalls (Minimum 8.3 Cals)

Barriers - reflective

Cones - 900mm high with reflectors

Pedestrian Signs (For cone mounting).

First Aid kit

Hi-Vis Jacket (acceptable condition)

Hard Hat (acceptable condition)

Safety Glasses (acceptable condition)

Gloves Leather (acceptable condition)

Ear muffs

Steel cap boots with laces above ankle. (acceptable condition)

Vehicle licence plate

Vehicle is less than 10 years old

Vehicle is clean

Vehicle has current WoF and Rego displayed

Vehicle rego matches vehicle licence plate

Tyres on vehicle are in good condition

Chorus Branding on Vehicle

UCG Branding on Vehicle

SHEWM are up to date

What hasn't been updated?

Mobile Device is in good condition (screen not cracked)

TechMate on his phone

Time Stamp Camera is on mobile device?

Additional Tooling Required

Toolbox - 21" with lift out tray OR similar

Sledge Hammer 10LB - concrete breaking

Hack Saw

Tent and Metal Tent frame

Crimping Tool RJ45 and RJ11/12

Copper Tone source - Beep it Tone and Probe

Strapping Tool - Bandit Strap for steel strapping on poles

Pole Bucket - Canvas

Utility Service locator

Air Gauge Gun

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.