• Is the Corporate H&S Policy posted in a prominent area?

Safety Bulletin Board

  • Is there a separate bulletin board for Safety?

  • Are the current JHSC meeting minutes posted?

  • Is the written medical emergency response plan posted? (communication / transportation)

  • Is the written building evacuation plan posted?

  • Are the names of the employees who are first aid trained, posted?

  • Are all the information posted on the bulletin board current?

  • Are the JHSC members and alternates posted?

Physical Conditions

Compressed Gas Cylinders

  • Are compressed gas cylinders properly secured?

  • Are compressed gas cylinders properly stored?

Emergency Equipment

  • Does the emergency lighting work?

  • Are the emergency phones working?

  • Is the emergency phone listing posted?

  • Is the public address system working properly?

  • Do the eyewash stations have a current inspection?

  • Are the first aid kits available and adequately stocked?

  • Are the first aid kits available and adequately stocked?

  • Are the AED's inspected?

  • Is there clear access to all emergency equipment?

  • Are space heaters clear from obstruction?

  • Do the work areas have the location identified?

  • Are the Muster areas identified?


  • Are all fire-fighting equipment checked on a monthly / annual basis as required?

  • Are fire doors closed and not blocked open?

  • Are flammable cabinets grounded?

  • Are fire walls and cable runs intact with no holes in them?

  • Are the fire equipment free from obstruction?

  • Are the oily rag containers emptied?

  • Are the parts washing sinks in good operating condition? (fusible links, lights, etc.)

Health Control

  • Are the WHMIS MSDSs up to date?

  • Are MDSDs easily accessible? (Hard copy or browser)

  • Do containers have supplier or workplace labels?

  • Are water coolers cleaned and inspected at least every 6 months?


  • Is the work area clear of clutter?

  • Are the doors / pathways accessible and unobstructed?

  • Is the area free from tripping hazards?

  • Are electrical covers (thermostat, receptical, breaker panel, etc) in good condition?

  • Are the breaker panels not obstructed?

  • Are all ceiling tiles in place and in good condition?

  • Are extension cords in good condition?

Lock out / Tag out

  • Are the locks / chains / tags in place for the permit?

  • Are equipment identification labels used?


  • Is the proper signage posted? (noise, radiation, confined space, asbestos)

  • Does the area have the proper barrier tape and tags installed?

  • In the areas where there are overhead hazards (low rails, pipes, etc.) are there warning signs installed?


  • Are the tools in good condition?

  • Is there proper guarding in place?

  • Is the fall protection equipment inspected and tagged?

  • Is the lifting gear equipment inspected and tagged?


  • Is there a fully stocked first aid kit in the vehicle?

  • Is there an inspected fire extinguisher in the vehicle?

  • Is the log book completed as required?

  • Is the vehicle is good housekeeping order?

  • Is the general condition of the vehicle in good shape?

  • Are the vehicles backed in as required?


  • Does the scaffolding have a current inspection?

  • Do the temporary grounding cables have a current inspection?

  • Is the general lighting adequate?

  • Are portable ladders in good condition? (feet, rungs, blooming (spider web), etc.)

  • Are aluminum ladders in appropriate locations?

  • Are the Tailboards completed as required?

  • Does the shelving in the storage areas meet requirements? (secured to the structure (floor, wall), proper shelf support (connecting pins / grating)

  • Are whipchecks used where required?

  • Are the hot sticks inspected?

  • Are the rubber gloves inspected?

Additional Comments

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