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Safety Basics - 500/1000 points PDCA Focus PLAN

  • Safety communications program implemented. <br>A compliant site has a maintained communications board and site has achieved BSO and at least 50 % of 18 mandatory tool box talks over the past 6 months ( Vault Record) as well as active promotion of Stop and Think , <br>PARTIAL : At least two of these four actions achieved.

  • Site or Divisional safety meeting held monthly .<br>Compliant if a monthly HSE Exec meeting , Representatives meeting or management meetings address HSE issues. Meeting structure and scale should be proportionate to the complexity of the site. <br>Partial where this is less than monthly or irregular . Not compliant where it is infrequent or records are not robust.

  • Site has developed a site specific or Divisional HSE Plan. <br>COMPLIANT: Signed off, displayed and plan contains specific site or Divisional Targets and Actions. Actions clearly linked to HSE hazards and identified gaps. The plan is unique to the site . <br>PARTIAL: Plan may be pending or only contains generic actions or lack specific plans.

  • Site has documented roles and responsibilities for HSE.<br>A compliant score requires role specific objectives to be set in staff development plans, site HSE plans or equivalent.<br>Eg: Define roles similar to fire wardens and first aid officers for safety reps, safety committee members , safety management representative as a minimum.

  • Task based JSEA system is actively used at the site or risk assessments completed and SOPs / SWPs developed for ongoing tasks .<br>Evidence of documented risk assessments and controls. <br>Look for evidence of recent use and quality of the assessments. Compliance requires sign off by the relevant site supervisor.

  • Site HSE training plan. <br>Compliant = plan detailed , compliant and reviewed. Training needs assessed and training matrix developed for the site <br>Partial = contains gaps or has not been reviewed for more than two years

  • Delivering HSE training. <br>Compliant = delivery of the training plan is on target and records are managed and available. Including copies of relevant certifications. <br>Partial where the above is not achieved but this would not have a material impact on site safety.

  • Contractor induction: All site contractors have completed the contractor induction in the past 12 months , Select contractors at random and check on LMS. <br>Partial : At least 90 % of contractors compliant

  • Contractor management:<br>Compliant = Evidence of management control and contractor awareness through contractor specific JSEA records. Contractor Certifications held and maintained current. Contractor incidents are recorded in Vault.<br>Best practice compliance is the completion of an annual contractor audit . Refer to HSE forms <br>Partial : Three of these four sets of data completed. <br>

  • Site Hazard Register developed. In addition to any generic hazard register on the HSE system. <br>Compliant : Hazards Identified through site based audit program covering equipment, major tasks, manual handling , chemical safety etc . Refer to HSE audits. <br>Partial : Good use of Vault register

Safety Basics Deductions

  • 1. Any breach of legal compliance of a material nature including any PIN notices in the past 12 months , any fines in the past 12 months, Including site HSE Reps who have not received approved training.

  • 2. Any additional breach of legal compliance as defined in 1 above.

  • Any gap identified in mandatory testing and tagging of lifting equipment, fire equipment , electrical equipment .

  • First Aid equipment/ boxes not maintained and stocked.

  • Required WHS signage not provided or maintained .<br>Includes Dangerous Goods, Exits, Fire, confined space and entry by permit.

Safety Best Practice - 300/1000 Points PDCA Focus DO and CHECK

  • COP Fork Lift Audit<br>Compliant = Audit completed and actions either in Vault , HSE Plan or work plan for the HSE Committee <br>Partial would be a completed and current audit without adequate follow up. <br>If the audit is not done but practices are materially compliant this can be recorded as Partial

  • COP Isolation Audit. <br>Compliant = Audit completed and actions either in Vault, HSE Plan or the work plan for the HSE Committee.<br>Partial would be a completed audit without adequate follow up of actions.<br>If the audit is not completed but the practices are materially compliant this can be recorded as Partial

  • Guarding Risk Audit <br>Compliant = Audit completed and actions either in Vault , HSE Plan or the work plan for the HSE Committee <br>Partial would be a completed audit without adequate follow up of audit actions. <br>If the audit is not completed but the practices are materially compliant this can be recorded as a partial

  • COP PME Audit <br>Compliant = Audit completed and actions either in Vault , the HSE Plan or the work plan for the HSE Committee <br>Partial would be a completed audit without adequate followup of audit actions. <br>If the audit is not completed but practices are materially compliant this can be recorded as Partial

  • Completed Dangerous Good / Chemical Safety Audit . Refer HSE Forms <br>Compliant = Completed audit with actions entered into Vault, HSE plan or the work program of the HSE comittee<br>Partial would be audits completed without adequate followup of audit actions<br>If the audit is not completed but practices are materially compliant this can be recored as Partial

  • Asbestos Audit <br>Annual Asbestos Audit conducted and External Audit up to date or site cleared as Asbestos Free in accordance with HSE procedures. <br>No Partial

  • Has a site emergency drill and evacuation been conducted for all shifts in the past 12 months?<br>Partial if this was not done but is planned in the next 3 months

  • Does the site utilise Vault effectively. <br>Compliant = Safety /HSE committee reviews Vault records and 90 % up to date on actions . Use meeting records as evidence. <br>Partial more than 70 % up to date .

  • Housekeeping audits are developed and delivered .<br>Compliant= House keeping check sheets covering key risks are completed weekly or to a monthly plan across the site where given in the site HSE plan for at least the previous 3 months.<br>Partial = minor gaps in the Compliant conditions above.

  • TRIFR is contributing to a reduced corporate injury rate.<br>Compliant = TRIFR Site Rating of 1 or 2 <br>Partiai: TRIFR site rating of 3

Safety Best Practice Deductions

  • Are there examples of designated PPE not being used by any staff members ?

  • Are there any examples of guarding that has been installed or provided with equipment being removed for maintenance or other reasons and not being reinstalled?

  • Is house keeping or the placement of materials blocking exits or walks ways or increasing trip, traffic or PME risks.?

Safety Leadership : 200/1000 Points PDCA Focus ACT

  • Does the site plan and conduct a comprehensive health surveillance program in accordance with HSE PROC 602<br>Compliant = plan developed , executed and any corrective actions are planned<br>Examples : Noise, audiometry , dust or chemical exposure identified from the site hazard register.

  • Site is exceeding Behavioural Safety Observation corporate target and has developed site specific observation sheets based on site based hazards. COMPLIANT = exceeding by more than 50 % PARTIAL = 10 % - 50 %

  • Incident investigation quality. <br>Examine last closed Vault record. This has a strong root cause and appropriate counter measures which have been implemented.<br>

  • Incident Investigation Quality : Repeat the above process for the second last Vault incident to be closed out .

  • Incident Investigation Record ( Vault Record ) includes near miss incidents <br>Compliant = a history of more than one near miss being entered <br>Partial = any example

  • Site conducts an annual HSE Management Review in accordance with HSE Procedures . <br>Compliant = last 12 months <br>Partial has conducted this review in the past 2 years .

  • Site has implemented new capital investment or maintenance programs to deliver safety improvement or this is budgeted in the coming year. <br>Compliant = two of more projects <br>Partial = one project or capital applications submitted and pending .

  • Site has an employee HSE suggestion program . <br>Compliant = program is well promoted , there is employee engagement and employee initiatives have been implemented .

  • Site has implemented an employee well being / or injury prevention program for example health checks , skin cancer screening , sun smart or EAP well publicised , engagement of physios or OT support. Morning or pre shift warm up activities.

  • X Factor or site has external certification to ISO 19001 OR AS 4801<br>Site has implemented a leading or local idea to improve safety and worker health which has not been adequately recognised previously in this audit . Partial would include initiatives well advanced in their development or the first 3 months of implementation

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