• Flight number

  • AC-Registration

  • Is the A/C a spaceflex?

  • SDT

  • ATD


  • Do crew welcome customers with a genuine smile?

  • Do crew smile and look smart (uniform, hair and makeup)?

  • Do crew help customers by proactively placing their luggage in the racks and under seats in order to speed up boarding in a calm and quiet manner?

  • Is the aircraft clean and free of rubbish?

  • Does the seat pocket contain all the correct literature and in good condition? (sick bag, boutique, menu, safety card and magazines)

  • Do crew instruct customer in a gentle way when giving instructions? (emergency exits, electronic and ISPSS policies, customers behaviour, etc

During Flight

  • Is the aircraft interior in good, working order, with no damaged items? (racks, seats, carpet, pannels, plackards, lavatories)

  • In case of damaged items, are they properly signalled?

  • Are toilets clean and with all amenities such as soap (pls indicate bar of soap or gel), tissues and toilet paper?

  • Do crew check toilets every 20 minutes?

  • Are toilets available for customer use throughout the flight? (except seatbelts on)

  • Do crew continuously supervise the cabin and check customer comfort on board? (courtesy walks every 10 min)

  • Do crew walks through cabin in a calm and discreet manner at all times?

  • Do crew answer when the call bell is pressed by a customer?

  • Are crew conversations kept professional and discrete at all times?

  • Are galley´s curtains open during flight?

  • -Front Galley except for cockpit door open, catering trolley being prepared, senior cabin crew eating or money being managed
    -Back Galley except for cabin crew eating or money being managed

  • Is there a pleasant atmosphere in the cabin for customers to rest?

  • Are special customers such as children, elder people or RMP taken care of properly?


  • Are the automatic announcements being played with the correct volume? (not too loud)

  • Are the correct languages played? (Spanish, English, Origin of the fligh)

  • When crew make manual announcements, are they comprehensible?

  • Has a welcome announcement from cockpit been carried out?

Service on board

  • Does the catering service start on time? (please indicate the time announcement is made and the time menu service starts)

  • Do the crew offer a second catering service? (flights over 2 hours)

  • Does crew offer boutique service if applicable? (flights over 60min)

  • Were customers individually asked if they would like something to eat or drink when passing by with the menu service?

  • Did crew apply selling techniques such us upselling, link selling or offering alternatives? crew should ask our customers if they´d like anything else or recommend an upsell or an alternative

  • Were customer given a receipt after purchase?

  • Do Crew remove the waste from customers' seat after every catering service?


  • Is disembarking as quick as possible once engine stops so customers could leave the aircraft as soon as possible? (if not please indicate time)


  • Are customers informed about the reasons in case of delay when disembarking?

  • In case of delay once boarded, Do customers receive information from the cockpit and updated every 20 minutes?

  • If delayed on board for more than 30 minutes, have the customers been offered a glass of water? was the temperature on board correct? (please indicate time that the glass of water starts to be offered)

  • Do technical crew inform customers properly in case of flight delayed?

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