• Document No.

  • Vehicle Registration Number

  • Conducted on

  • Inspected by

  • Location

Pre use

Check List

  • When "At Risk" is selected consider option to add comments and picture

  • Check Windscreen integrity (cracks/chips)

  • Check Windshield Wipers / Washers (front and rear)

  • Any unreported visual Exterior Damage <br>(Include photo of any vehicle damage)

  • Check Service Sticker (on windscreen) for scheduled service date/mileage

  • Check Tires for Wear, Cracks in walls and Appearance inc. spare (if applicable)

  • Check tyre repair and compressor

  • Check lights all round

  • Check Mirrors for Damage and Adjustments

  • Check First Aid Kit

  • Check Fire Extinguisher

  • Check Wheel chocks, Hi viz (if towing)

  • Any Warning Lights Displayed

  • Check access ladder (If required)

  • Milage at start

Post use

  • Milage at end

  • Remaining fuel greater than half a tank

  • Any comments

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