• Does the task briefing include the works being undertaken within the work site/area?

  • Does the briefing include first aiders information?

  • Are all hazards and control measures briefed to operatives at the start of shift via the briefing?

  • Are emergency arrangements and fire evacuation procedures included within within the briefing?

Site welfare

  • Is the site welfare adequate for the number of staff on site?

  • Is the site welfare well maintained and in a presentable manner?

  • Does the canteen provide the correct appliances for storage of food, hot water and drinking water.

  • Are appliances PAT tested, in good condition with no signs of damage?

  • Is emergency equipment available within the welfare facilities, checked on a regular basis and within date?

Access and egress around site

  • Is the access and egress to and around site easily accessible with no trip hazards present?

  • Are trip hazards if present within the safe walking routes clearly marked, sprayed or if wires covered by ramps?

  • Are safe walking routes if crossing vehicle routes clearly marked or highlighted with crossings in place?

  • Are access routes clearly sign posted including emergency exit routes?

Working at height

  • Is there adequate protection in place for operatives working at height?

  • Are harnesses used as a control measure and if so are they used correctly and attached?

  • Can the working at height task be avoided by use of different equipment or working method?

  • Are the harnesses inspected on a regular basis and tagged in accordance with LOLER98

  • Is a working at height permit required and if so available at the point of works?

  • Does the weather conditions effect the safety of those carrying out the working at height?


  • Do excavations have edge protection and adequate access?

  • Are plant/tippers secured by stop blocks/chucks to prevent vehicles falling into excavation?

  • Do excavations have daily check documentation and evidence of checks carried out each day?

  • Are excavations benched if not benched have adequate trench support system in place?

  • Are materials, spoil and any other materials stored away from the edge to reduce change of collapse or falling materials?

General housekeeping/material storage

  • Is general housekeeping across the site to a good standard with adequate bins in place?

  • Are materials segregated and stored in a safe manner across site?

  • Are stored materials done in a safe manner not over stacked with adequate space for access?

Fuel storage

  • Is fuel stored in signed,ventilated COSSH storage containers?

  • Is fuel if stored outside stored on plant nappies/drip trays?

  • Are correct refuelling methods used and on site with fuel containers?


  • Is COSSH substances stored in a ventilated locked storage unit?

  • Are COSSH substances controlled with correct risk assessments/safety data sheets in place?

  • Are COSSH substances stored correctly on plant nappies/drip trays if stored outside?

  • Are operatives wearing the correct PPE when working with COSSH substances?

Plant person interface

  • Is adequate separation in place from plant and people?

  • Do operatives hold red zone training where high numbers of plant are used?

  • Are plant and vehicles on site always accompanied by a banksman whilst reversing?

Scaffold structures/access.

  • Are scaffold structures inspected on a regular 7 day inspection rota with tags in place?

  • Are scaffold ladders secured at the top with no signs of damage to ladder rungs?

  • Is adequate protection in place where working at height is in place. (Hand rail, mid rail, toe board, netting)

  • Are end caps used on any protruding bolt ends or scaffold tubes?

  • Are signs in place where overloading of scaffold by weight may cause the structure to become unsafe?

Manual handling

  • Are correct manual handling techniques used when lifting material?

  • Do operatives carrying out the lift hold adequate manual handling training?

  • Are the material being lifted not overly weighted or awkward to carry?

  • Is there a better way the material could be transported without the need for manual handling?

Waste management.

  • are material separation skips in place and signed well?

  • Are waste transfer notes completed correctly for each collection of waste with evidence in place?

Noise, dust and vibration.

  • Is adequate PPE supplied where noisy works are taking place with adequate warning signs to persons entering the area

  • Is damping down in place where the task involves sweeping?

  • Is RPE supplied to operatives if needed and are operatives face fit tested for the specific mask supplied?

  • Is wet cutting in place where applicable?

  • Are HAVS being recorded for all vibration tools used on site?


  • Do all persons involved within the task hold adequate competency for any task that it may require

VGC staff engagement.

  • Staff engagement.

VGC vehicle inspection

  • Are VGC vehicles if present maintained well with no signs of damage that may effect safety whilst driving?

  • Are vehicles well presented and clean both inside and out?

  • Are materials safely secured to the rear of vehicle if open an open back tipper?

  • Do all four tyres have legal limits of tread?

Plant, equipment and hand tools

  • Do plant and equipment has evidence of regular checks and within date of next service?

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