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Environmental Basics - 500 points per question.

  • Does the site have a current environmental risk assessment less than 2 years old . <br><br>Partial if the risk register is under 3 years old.

  • Has the site developed a site based HSE plan for the current year.<br>Partial if the plan is in preparation <br>

  • Has the site established a HSE meeting or this is covered as an item in a regular site management or production meeting ?<br>Partial if meeting is infrequent

  • Has the site developed a HSE site house keeping checklist which includes all of the key risks from the site risk register,<br>Partial if this contains many of the key environmental risks but not all

  • Are house keeping check sheets conducted weekly . Partial for fortnightly or irregular implementation

  • Has the site achieved its environmental toolbox talk target for the past 6 months. <br>Partial if this has been achieved for the past 3 months

  • Does the site have a HSE communications board displaying the Visy policies , toolbox talks and recent SEOs and environmental alerts which is readily accessible to employees ?

  • Do all bunded areas comply with the Visy bundling guidelines <br>Reference HSE form 1205

  • Are there adequate spill kits and are these located in all areas where they are needed ?

  • Are MSDS' up to date as well as site manifests if prescribed quantities are exceeded . <br>Partial if this is substantially complied with

Environmental Basics Deductions

  • 1.Is there any significant environmental aspect not on the site risk register ?<br><br>Significance requires an aspect to be an abnormal occurrence, compliance issue or have a risk ranking of greater than 7

  • 2. Is the any significant environmental aspect not on the site risk register ?<br><br>Significance requires the aspect to be an abnormal occurrence , compliance issue or have a risk ranking greater than 7

  • 3. Is there any significant environmental aspect not on the site risk register ? <br><br>Significance requires the aspect to be an abnormal occurrence, a compliance issue or have a risk ranking greater than 7

  • Are there any inappropriate materials stored in bunded areas or hazardous substances stored outside of designated bunded areas ? <br><br>Suppliers and pallets may be combustible and these take up bund capacity resulting in non compliance with design volumes

  • Is there evidence of spill kits being used for waste disposal or depleted of spill materials ?

  • Has the site received any fines, enforcement notices or justified community complaints ?

  • Have all sites utilities data reports been submitted to enable Visy to prepared its annual environmental accounts.<br>This is an important regulatory requirement

Environmental Best Practice- 300 points per question

  • Has the site completed a storm water risk plan in accordance with HSE procedure 1205<br>Reference: HSE procedure 1205 requires catchments with different levels of risk to be included as separate aspects on the site environmental risk register .

  • Are all storm water drains marked in accordance with HSE guidelines ?<br>Partial compliance would equate to most but not all drains <br>Drains which are hard to mark due to traffic removing paint may be exempted

  • Are there clearly marked smoking areas with butt bins ?

  • Are any noise hot spots marked and signed to alert night shift staff?<br>Note: if there are no night time noise issues score as compliant

  • Regarding the manufacturing operations . Are there adequate recycling and general skips and bins in close proximity to the points of waste generation ?

  • Are waste bins appropriately and adequately signed to support usage and proper waste segregation ?

  • Are appropriately labelled bins provided for each type of regulated / prescribed/ hazardous waste. <br>In considering this look at bulk sludges , containers , liquids and oils as well as rags and maintenance wastes . <br>Signage should support bin or storage area usage .

  • Does the site have an emergency plan appropriate for the identified risks which has been reviewed in the past 12 months . <br>Site can score partial if the plan is adequate but has not been reviewed in the past 2 years <br>Reference : HSE Procedure 503

  • Are all items of significant environmental equipment included in the site maintenance plan and adequately maintained. Are checks included in weekly housekeeping check sheets ?<br>Note: if this is not applicable score as compliant

  • Are litter control provisions adequate for the nature of the site risks or not required ?

Environmental Best Practice Deductions

  • Is there any evidence of either cigarette butt litter or other site contamination at the site?

  • Has the site had spills or emergency incidents in the past 12 months

  • Is there evidence of contamination of general waste bins , recycling bins or regulated / hazardous industrial waste bins ?

  • Is there any evidence of litter beyond the site boundary including inside externally draining storm water drains?

  • Is there evidence that required waste records such as regulated waste certificates have not been forwarded as required or copies retained at the site ?

Environmental Excellence- 200 points per question Compliant responses would be those applying across all office area or significant resource usage and partial compliance would be of a narrower scope

  • Green Office: Site provides paper recycling throughout office areas ?

  • Green Office: commingled recycling facilities are available to offices and kitchens

  • Green Office: printer cartridge recycling is provided to all of the site ( compliant ) or office only (partial )

  • Green Office: other recycling facilities are provided .<br>This may include organics/ food , mobile phones , office equipment.<br>Alternatively this question can consider by office supplies with recycled content - partial one example and complaint if two.

  • Green Office: Offices and kitchens are adequately signed to support effective recycling

  • Site has carried out programs to reduce water use in the past 2 years . <br>This can be based on investments made.<br>Site awareness and signage is partial compliance .<br>Evidence can be based on measured reductions in annual resource accounts <br>If water usage is not material site can score partial and complaint if awareness information is displayed

  • Site has conducted programs to reduce energy in the past two years . <br>Evidence may include expenditure or reductions in annual resource accounts <br>Site awareness and signage is deemed to be partial compliance

  • Site has conducted programs in the past two years to reduce general waste quantities . <br>Toolbox talks band awareness are deemed partial compliance <br>Recycling sites are deemed to comply .

  • Site has conducted cleaner production programs to reduce industrial regulated waste in the last two years .<br>This may include weight reduction by dewatering .<br>Sites with no regulated waste can be deemed complaint

  • X factor . Site participates in voluntary environmental initiatives such as recycling week , earth hour or participates in council or school site tours . Site has Implemented environmental initiatives which have not been scored above .

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